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Ambient screwdriver

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By means of a cunning array of sensors and active elements, this normal-looking screwdriver tracks ambient temperature, remaining neither hotter nor cooler than its surroundings.

In the event that this equilibrium is upset (for example, by means of a warm hand; or by changing the temperature of the surroundings), the screwdriver will respond over a period of minutes to restore itself to ambient temperature.

To reduce power consumption, temperature adjustments are made using an exponential asymptote model. This ensures that the screwdriver rapidly equilibrates to within a few degrees of ambient - sufficient for most purposes. If higher accuracy is needed, the algorithm will continue to fine-tune the screwdriver's temperature, matching ambient to within an arbitrarily small error over sufficiently long timespans.

MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2015


       If this were used as an improvised weapon, it would increase it's temperature toward the temperature of the victim. Nice feature, it's bad enough being stabbed, but cold screwdriver just adds insult to an already serious injury.
bs0u0155, Mar 11 2015

       I thought this would be a screwdriver which would forever remain on the edge of your consciousness, pervasive, yet not obvious or intrusive, just evoking a general atmosphere of 'screwdriverness'.
hippo, Mar 11 2015

       The best thing is that it uses absolutely no power.
RayfordSteele, Mar 11 2015

       //it uses absolutely no power//   

       on average, no.
bs0u0155, Mar 11 2015

       Might be good on a cordless screwgun. Those things over heat when worked too hard. A miniaturized heat pump would be needed.
wjt, Mar 15 2015

Wrongfellow, Jan 20 2018

       A screwdriver thrown out of that room, in this case, would be one as close to ambient temperature as possible.
wjt, Jan 22 2018

       A symbiont screwdriver enables dolphins to open bivalves. In exchange, the dolphins provide shelter and existential validation.
pertinax, Jan 22 2018


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