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Ammo Vending Machine

A vending machine that dispenses ammunition
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How many times have we been at our friendly neighborhood shooting range and run out of cartridges just as we were enjoying ourselves? Many ranges don't have a sales counter that can get you more ammunition, so we're stuck driving twenty miles back to town to score some more.

How about a vending machine that would dispense boxes of ammunition, instead of cheeseburgers or cigarettes? If it used the "sliding door" configuration found on the burger machines, there'd be little risk of damaging the ammunition by dropping it like a can of juice.

It would be a good source of revenue for shooting ranges, especially if there's no charge to shoot there. If the machine is installed at an actual range, there would be less risk of theft or vandalism, and the prices could be pretty reasonable since no employees would be needed.

Another option would be to have it dispense ammo in bulk, like the machines that dispense golf balls. You put your ammo bucket in the slot, slip in a dollar and push the "100 .22 LR" button and they fall out like coins from a slot machine.

What do you think? Legal concerns? Safety concerns?

Iron Chef Carnage, May 06 2004

Army bullets in short supply http://www.detnews....5/07/b03-145733.htm
Wouldn't have that problems if there were vending machines over there.. [Mr Burns, Oct 04 2004]


       Okay, but I want to buy a gun that way too. And a nuclear weapon. And a car. (How is putting ordinary things in a vending machine novel, or even interesting? Well...maybe if it dispensed cats. Or motorized dog poop. The best vending machine I ever encountered dispensed laughs. For a quarter the thing would laugh for a full minute.)
ldischler, May 06 2004

       I'd put it right next to the fireworks vending machine..
Mr Burns, May 06 2004

       I'd support such a machine only if it dispensed ammunition at high speed.
jutta, May 06 2004

       Aaaaahhhhh ha. See who's making puns.

(Dang, it disappeared.)

(Now more is gone.)
ldischler, May 06 2004

       I have never seen a cheeseburger vending machine...
swimr, May 06 2004

       Or an octopus vending machine for wide bore guns.
FarmerJohn, May 07 2004

       Do you pay to anno or anno to get snacks?
k_sra, May 07 2004

       Ammo could be currency (and probably is, in some unhappy countries). So you could have a machine that dispensed cheeseburgers for ammo.
ldischler, May 07 2004


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