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Amphibious Logomotive

To traverse forests and bodies of water
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Picture a massive block of stone on log rollers. Now picture a World War One tank with tracks going over the top. The oval-shapped logomotive combines the two transport modes by rolling on log rollers that are joined via the ends in an endless track that passes over the top of the vehicle. Power to the track is supplied by a wood-burning steam engine. Any worn or broken log rollers are replaced with suitable trees in the vicinity and logged-on. The log roller track also gives flotation and propulsion to cross any waterways encountered on the way.
FarmerJohn, Jul 23 2002


       € € € € € € € --------Top Logs
€ __++___ € --------Top Tank
€ {_ _ _ _ } € ----Bottom Tank
€ ________ € ------------Plate
€ € € € € € € ----Bottom Logs

(Illus. is Side View of Jesus' Tank)
thumbwax, Jul 23 2002

       Actually, I once saw a picture of a new log hauler with huge softly inflated tires, designed to roll over rough vegetation and people without mutual harm. I imagine the tires wee big enough for it to float, but I don't remember if that was a feature.
DrCurry, Jul 23 2002

       And sing the logomotive song, a combo of two others:   

       Logg track keep on turning,
Wood fire keep on burning,
Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.

       Chop 'em up, burn 'em alive,
Rolling, rolling, rolling,
Gotta keep 'em rolling, keep those loggies rolling,
FarmerJohn, Jul 23 2002

       Title: The reason for creating the graphic emblem for the Duck Boat tours company.
waugsqueke, Jul 23 2002


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