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Cling On Bouldervator

Large Boulder with numerous hand holds, instead of elevator
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A large boulder would ascend and descend inside the elevator shaft instead of the conventional car. As it passes the open door you fling yourself unto it and cling on until it reaches the desired floor, then leap off smartly. Advantages: 1 No more awkward conversations in a confined space. 2 No more need to explain away embarrassing smells. 3 A full body work out without using the stairs. 4 Puts your problems in a better perspective if your grip starts to slip. 5 Brings new meaning to the phrase "can I give you a hand?"
xenzag, Oct 04 2005


       why a boulder? why not something lighter - use less power?
po, Oct 04 2005

       If you jumped unto anything light it would have not have sufficient inertia. A boulder is also usually a lumpy object with many hand and foot holds. Any energy required to lift up the boulder would be counter-balanced by the other boulder in the adjacent shaft, to which it would be connected via an over loop, simultaneously making its way down.
xenzag, Oct 04 2005

       I'm thinking polystyrene...
po, Oct 04 2005

       I tense, quick-release piton in each hand, and wait for the next rock. I see it rising in the gloom of the shaft. One final check of balance and footing, a deep breath, a scream, and a leap onto the ascending stone. I achieve a secure grip almost instantly, then take a deep breath and let the adrenaline surge wash away.   

       As I reach the next floor, a motion seen from the corner of my eye gives me a bare instant's notice that another rider, similarly equipped, is going to use the same spot I'm in.   

lurch, Oct 04 2005

       Careful [po], ideas like this never withstand much "Why?".
wagster, Oct 04 2005


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