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Amplifier Furniture

couldn't think of a catchy name, like "Furnifier"
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My guitar amp is a bit of a beast - and there's nowhere for it to go in my lounge.

It's only a 2x12 combo, not even in the same ballpark as a serious 4x12 cabinet, or some of the huge rack systems you can get...

If amplifier manufacturers changed the design of their products only slightly, then they could double as handy household furniture. My amp, for example, laid on its back with a board on top would make a great coffee table. Granted, it wouldn't be the most attractive coffee table - black vinyl, anyone? Mmmm...

However, if the finishes were altered as well as the shapes, then not only would they fit well in the house, but the stage would look more interesting too - instead of a pile of amps and cabs, it would look like a couple of tables, and a comfy chair*.

* - I'm visualising a 4x12 which has been remodelled and upholstered to double as a comfy chair - obviously, the type of furniture doesn't have to dictate the type of amp.

kmlabs, Jun 01 2005

Wall of Speakers Wall_20Of_20Speakers
Another project for turning amps/speakers into otherwise usefull household features. [zen_tom, Jun 01 2005]

Major surgery on a light stand http://forums.audio...owthread.php?t=1894
1000W rms - more tea, vicar? [Ling, Jun 01 2005]


       I've got a big single 12" enclosure, built as an organ speaker. It's about 6' long in nice oak, and makes a really nice coffee table. It's not even wired up to my amp at the moment.
david_scothern, Jun 01 2005

       Cool idea - and one that is eminently dooable too. Why not head down to the local armchair depositary, pick one up, rip it open, and put an amp in it? Seriously, it would be cool. I think amps as furniture is a great idea - for alternate projects, see the 'Wall of Speakers' [linked]
zen_tom, Jun 01 2005

       Wouldn't it be called a combo unit?   

       See link for converted furniture.
Ling, Jun 01 2005

       give me an order with specs and I'll built it for you. You'll have to put the actual amp in yourself.
zeno, Jun 01 2005

       Great idea. As a guitarist I would certainly have one. When your amp is locked away in the garage or whatever, you needn't drag it out .. just plug right into the armchair. You could also wire it up to the hifi too.   

       Bun for you.
kuupuuluu, Jun 02 2005

       Plug me into somethin' !   

       Plug me into something live !   

       There are ten speakers holding up equipment in this 24 hr. makeshift studio that edited the tapes and made the titles and laid in the music and showed the countryside in the background of this village without tv.   

       That's therapy. Shoot it on monday. Edit it tuesday. Distribute it wednesday. The guitar and amps are part of the furniture in this sleezy Robert Rodriguez rip-off.   

       Only use Maxell tapes with the guy in the chair being blown away.   

       There must be true R.M.S. power present.
mensmaximus, Jun 02 2005

       I sense the popularity of the microsoft table computer going up with you idea   

       maybe effects pedals could be created that were friendly enough to modify the sound without compromising the guitar player
beanangel, Oct 11 2007


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