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Retro space-walkman

with vacuum no-tubes
  [vote for,

Enjoy the warm, classic sound of a real vacuum tube amplifier, except there are no tubes...the glass is missing!*

Perfect for those long space walks.

Ling, Mar 01 2013


       This, actually, is an ingenious idea. [+]   

       But your asterisk is showing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2013

       *At extra charge!
Ling, Mar 01 2013

       I like it. Instead space, I'm thinking in a vacuum room for active stages of 48 tracks sound mixers, compressors, amplifiers and any other glass-less valves devices you want to add. (I'm thinking about a unique 1Kw heater for all the valves, but surely is too much ) [+]
piluso, Mar 02 2013


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