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An online barber

Click click, snip snip
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1. Take a picture of yourself, preferably a clear, frontal shot of your entire head.

2. Send picture by e-mail or snail mail to www.onlinebarber.com.

3. Wait two or three minutes or two or three days, depending on how handsome or ugly you are. (If unattractive, you wait longer).

4. Receive the same picture you sent in, only with a few variations of hair style, styled personally by a famous guest hair stylist i.e. Federic Fekkai, Toni and Guy or Sassoon.

5. Take picture to Federic Fekkai salon or Toni and Guy or Sassoon salon where they will cut your actual hair to match the exact style in the picture. Receive a discount when you present picture.

d-eschew, Feb 08 2001

(?) QA subcontractor http://www.amihotornot.com./
4a. Collect evaluations of different hairstyles from an independent institute. [jutta, Feb 08 2001]

it still lives! http://www.hotornot.com
not primarily there for their hair but laugh away (theres the revised link thumby ;) I confess I have it bookmarked for when I need a quick chuckle) [The_Englishman_Abroad, Feb 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) You can get your own styling software hhtp;//www.salonstyler.com
[geronimio, Oct 04 2004]

(?) You can get your own styling software hhtp;/www.salonstyler.html
[geronimio, Oct 21 2004]


       I think it's a great idea, but for it to be a success you'd have to be asked to present some information about your hair quality (or lack thereof...) together with the photograph. The stylist can't see how thick, naturally curly etc. the hair is just from a frontal photo, and not all styles fit all hair types.
Dasje, Sep 25 2001

       How do you take a frontal shot of your entire head? The back of your head would be on the oppostie side from the camera, wouldn't it?
Rubi, Feb 06 2004


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