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Car Keying Website

Get it out of your system!
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I love cars and I don't understand how people can get out their anger by keying a perfectly nice paint job. Many of my friends' cars have been victimized.

This site allows you to choose a make and color of photorealistic car to key up. Many brands and colors to choose from. Choose from keys, screwdrivers, nails, coat hangers, and can openers as your tools. Site provides realistic sounds and virtual damage plus a running cost estimate based on current paint shop rates. Simulate the poor innocent car belonging to the person you are directing your hatred, or browse the extensive celebrity car file.

wombat, Aug 06 2003


       Quite bakeable in private with Photoshop, although without the damage estimates.
Cedar Park, Aug 06 2003

       + for orginality - i'd visit just for the heck of it.
crispee, Aug 06 2003

       The Type 181?
wombat, Aug 06 2003


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