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Anamorphic soda cans

Graphics appear non-stretched when viewed from correct angle
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Since the graphics printed on a soda can are wrapped on a cylinder, they appear bent when viewed. My idea is to pre-warp the images so that from just the right angle, the image appears to be of the correct aspect ratio. Also, since there appears to be a highlighted vertical line running down the center, the graphic may be pre-darkened there as well.
VeXaR, Jan 20 2005


       Doesn't the position of the highlight depend on the lighting? But that's ok; the customers can just rearrange their lamps.
robinism, Jan 20 2005

       The highlight always appears down the center. The can would have a correct orientation to view the image anyway, so I was thinking they could even compensate for the highlight (only to some extent though, the highlight pretty much washes out everything.)
VeXaR, Jan 20 2005

       [+] this would look great on the shelf, and very cool and peculiar from alternate angles.
contracts, Jan 20 2005

       They could even have those surfaces that have different images printed at different angles so that the image changes as you walk past.
pooduck, Jan 20 2005

       Is the curvature of a soda can enough? Maybe an acuter curve such as a shampoo bottle would be necessary.
phundug, Jan 20 2005

       Is the shampoo bottle not cylindrical?
bristolz, Jan 20 2005

       It definitely sounds appealing when you add the possibility of [pooduck]'s idea. Then again, I don't want to make the can cost any more, as it already tends to cost more than it's contents.   

       Even without that, it sounds like something a company might want to test someday, especially if they made a drink with a fitting theme (say, "Warp Soda"). One minor problem is, for -perfect- scaling, one would have to view it from the right -distance- too.   

       As for the highlight problem, I wonder if there's any way to adjust the luster?
Albino Fox, Jan 20 2005

       Doesn't this only work from one direction, and then if you turn the can around, it would actually appear even more warped?
lawpoop, Jan 20 2005

       Oh, I think of shampoo bottles as elliptical cross-sectioned, not circular. So looking at the narrow end would make it more extreme if the picture actually looked normal.
phundug, Jan 20 2005

The Kat, Jan 20 2005

       Yes, it's true that the image would appear more warped from the non-optimal viewing location. As to Albino Fox's comment, perhaps the entire can would have a matte finish, thereby eliminating the highlight problem. Excellent idea.
VeXaR, Jan 21 2005

       Your flattener settings will need to be adjusted to the amount of light reflecting at incrementally less direct pitch to the viewer, but that could be automated in your art rendering step.
reensure, Jan 21 2005

       Maybe we should just have soda cartons or something.
Abusementpark, Dec 22 2006

       A soda carton would have to be made of MUCH thicker material than a soda can in order to maintain its shape under pressure.
supercat, Dec 24 2006


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