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Coffee Cup with Integrated Lid

One piece, no spills, no plastic lids, no problem
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During a recent flight, I was offered a plastic coffee cup lid for my paper coffee cup and it struck me as an awkward combination.

In an age of fossil fuel reduction, a separate plastic lid is both ugly and wasteful. What if we could make the paper coffee cup itself include a paper lid that would fold down and cover most of the cup's surface (leaving just a small spot for drinking)?

I made some quick napkin sketches and pocketed the napkin for later Googling. When I came home, I found this:


'Awww damn' followed by 'wow cool!' His invention is quite similar to what I had in mind, so I'll consider my own idea baked, but it was so neat I had to share it with the halfbakery community.

Who knows? Maybe he's even a baker! :)

victor, Jan 11 2013

This is a hyperlink http://thecompleat.com/
[Kansan101, Jan 11 2013]


       virtual +; nifty.   

       Too bad: maybe you'll have more luck with the edible muffin umbrella.
FlyingToaster, Jan 11 2013

       Hey Brian, I'm not the inventor, so I'm not promoting my own product here. Just sharing something interesting, so I don't see this as spam.
victor, Jan 11 2013

       Don't agree with [m-f-d] but, you should insert the link at the end of the idea , and just mark the whole thing for expiry. In about a week's time, you can delete it yourself, otherwise, post your own pics of your own scribbles, which might show a worthwhile variation on the one shown in the link. (which I thought was a crap solution incidentally)
xenzag, Jan 11 2013

       Thanks for the real link [Kansan]. Looks like a paper baby-bottle.
xandram, Jan 11 2013

       I don't understand how you drink out of this.
phundug, Jan 11 2013

       A terrible solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Normally, that would do well on the halfbakery but not this time, not this time.
DIYMatt, Jan 11 2013

       Esp. not for two cups of coffee.
xandram, Jan 11 2013

       Looks viable to me. The fold down looks like it's deliberately meant to leave a bit of a spout at the high end.
MechE, Jan 11 2013

       Of course FT's anno inspired the thought of baked goods (cookies, muffins) that have a cup lid shaped/sized ring baked into them, so they form the lid during transport.
MechE, Jan 11 2013

       Toast man I can't believe you didn't turn this idea into bubble gum!
Brian the Painter, Jan 11 2013


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