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Anarchy Party

Government For No Government
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a party that is against the political system that it is a party to.

there will always be people who don't like the government and resent any attempt by said government to either collect taxes or regulate what they can and can't do. i propose giving these people their own political party.

by putting these people into the system, we can hopefully balance out the encroaching reach of big brother.

tcarson, Jun 07 2006

"Demanding the Impossible" by Peter Marshall http://www.amazon.c...s&v=glance&n=283155
A History of Anarchists and Anarchist ideas. [DrBob, Jun 07 2006]

Wikipedia: Anarchism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism
[jutta, Jun 07 2006]

A summary of a Kropotkin book http://dwardmac.pit...opotkin/fields.html
I can't find my own copy - too many books, I guess. [Zimmy, Jun 09 2006]

Another Kropotkin book I think I have http://dwardmac.pit...n/conquest/toc.html
I make no claim to the substance of the 2 sites (well, I guess it's the same site, isn't it?)I have linked to. I found them in the blink of an eye, but they looked legit. [Zimmy, Jun 09 2006]

Why I am an Anarchist http://techref.mass...other/anarchist.htm
Not only can you not trust the government, you can't even trust the /people/! [James Newton, Jun 12 2006]


       Great, we could name it with a recursive acronym to highlight the irony!
greyfiend, Jun 07 2006

       unless they want to infiltrate and dismantle the system [rcarty]
tcarson, Jun 07 2006

       Political parties that advocate radical changes in the political system have existed through history - for example, the various communist parties. In the US, libertarians advocate radically cutting back on government they'd be part of, if elected, which they usually aren't.
jutta, Jun 07 2006

       The Libertarians still get my vote when running against those who vote against my wishes each and every time. For those who don't know, the votes of those elected lawmakers who represent you are published.   

       It doesn't pay to be a principled politician. I can't afford to do it. If I could afford to, I would run on a pseudonym of a party recognizable by those who understand anarchism.   

       I got a lot of shit from a bookstore for trying to order Prince Peter Kropotkin's books. I was lucky this was before the Patriot Act.   

       If you want to read up on the hundreds of years old ideas of anarchy, you might want to take a drive up to Canada and look through thier bookstores.   

       BTW, My co-workers used to joke w/ me 15 years ago about me having my anarchist party card revoked for lack of paying dues. Perhaps you understand the irony in "Anarchist Party", perhaps you don't.   

       & if you are Tucker Carlson from MSNBC - KISS MY ASS!   

       If someone were to run saying "I will vote against each and every new law that does not undo restrictions on our freedom placed on us by previous laws.." I think that person would have an 8x10 in my house just for that statement. It will never happen, but, should it & they win, they should know thier image will hang on a wall in my house.
Zimmy, Jun 07 2006

       [zimmy] it's carson not carlson.   

       he can tie a mean bowtie though.   

       [jutta] the libertarians would still keep the government, but anarchists would strip it away completely.
tcarson, Jun 07 2006

       [tcarson] I'm sorry about that. I did notice the lack of an "l".   

       I tie a mean regular tie, having been taught by a really cool Vietnamese girl. The bow tie is beyond me & my abilities currently. It seems Tucker Carlson has abandoned the bow tie, though.   

       I'd bet that most of the halfbakers are shocked that I'm a disciple of Kropotkin, though. They probably thought I was just a misguided Englist. (Marxist).   

       Mwah ha ha ha.
Zimmy, Jun 07 2006

       //by putting these people into the system, we can hopefully balance out the encroaching reach of big brother.//

Anarchists don't want any part in the political system. Even if it's just to spend a couple of years dismantling it. That would be an exercise of centralised political power, the very antithesis of what Anarchy is about. To (probably) misquote: "Once you adopt the tactics of the enemy, you become the enemy".
DrBob, Jun 07 2006

       So then, you'd put Anarchists on the ballot, and none of the Anarchists would have anything to do with it. Ha, ha. Ha?
jutta, Jun 07 2006

       Surely an anarchist party would have a single promise: "Vote for us and we will dismantle government and then step down". Or have a policy of not having any policies. Or... no, that's me done.   

       A true anarchist party would resemble Gödel's string G, and would state of itself "This party cannot hold power in political system X", since to do so would create a self-dustructing paradox.
spidermother, Jun 07 2006

       jutta, that's what Sinn Fein did in the UK elections over a number of years. I'm not sure what it achieved though.
DrBob, Jun 07 2006

       I'm an anarchist. But I prefer not to give it a name. Just as how I prefer not to call myself an 'athiest', I don't believe in god or religion, giving yourself a name just gives reason for someone to generalise you. Having no name at all, well that is genius.   

       What the heck is a //Kropotkin,//? *looks up Kropotkin on wikipedia*.   

       Zimmy you said you were lucky you ordered some books before the patriot act, surely this is some kind of joke? If not, that is definitely scary. Is the appearance of this idea merely coincidental or does it have to do with my post on bungie.net? Ha, that would be cool if it wasn't a coincidence :)   

       Jutta this site is pretty cool, I may not post here much anymore, but I thought you coded the entire site yourself, which is why we have to use the link feature, perhaps this is why the adminstrator has yet to ban this site from the persmissable sites filter, like he has done recently to all the other sites I visited. The games site, ogre3d I needed some pictures for a programming class, I used to visit that place regularly, and now everything2.org is banned, at first I couldn't click the links at the bottom, then the archive of cool nodes got blocked, then all I can read is what is on the front page. So I got devious and started manually typing the urls in. To bad they don't put the title in the node ids, it's just numbers, so you could never just type the title of the node instead. God I hope the administrator isn't reading this, this is a fun place to visit! Or is the administrator not banning it because he visits here himself? Ha, what a suprise that would be!
EvilPickels, Jun 07 2006

       [EvilPickels], unfortunately it isn't as much of a joke as it could be. we have to be careful what we check out from the library, or even browse to online.   

       i don't read bungie.net, so i haven't seen your post. complete coincidence.
tcarson, Jun 07 2006

       Well gee, I didn't think it was that bad, I generally don't care what sites I visit, I don't know if I am being watched. Just what kind of site are they going to arrest you for visiting?
EvilPickels, Jun 07 2006

       i don't know about arrests from visiting websites. phone bugging and spy satellite tracking maybe.   

       any websites that go indepth on how to make bombs or that sell controlled materiel or material.
tcarson, Jun 07 2006

       To be honest, I care not for bombs or how to make them. I would & could in last resort (but that would be a dark, dark day where America was Subject & Conquered.)   

       I stand against the facsists every chance I get, even though wanes my youth faster than fiction.   

       [EvilPickles] I have made some links. (I never got to order the books!! I had to endure the wrath of the cashier who thought she knew who Kropotkin was! From my interpretation of her remarks, I gathered that she thought he was the authur of the anarchist cookbook (who may or may not have the same last name). She refused to accept that I was talking about someone completely different who died long before he could have ever authored "that" book. (Great quote, [DrBob]. I've never heard it before, but it rings true.)
Zimmy, Jun 09 2006

       You can't organise anarchy, no one would conform. Feel free to ignore me.
kuupuuluu, Jun 09 2006

       I was looking forward to going to this *party* with a bunch of wild, utopian Anarchists.
xandram, Jun 09 2006

       Ah - and here I was thinking that this was to entail drinking games and lots of friends having to call lots of taxi cabs ...
Letsbuildafort, Jun 10 2006

       I never liked marx personally, it seems he was responding to a situation that changed shortly afterward anyway. And his ideas were easily abused by the likes of lenin stalin and mao. Just MHO though. Anyone who thought you were talking about the author of the anarchist cookbook and gave you crap about it is: a) an idiot b) a fascist for thinking he/she should have power over what other people read. Many book stores carry copies of "Mein Kampf", "Das Kapital", communist, theocratic, and fascist parties and groups all operate legally in this country, and that is as it should be. Ein Gespenst geht durch Europa
brewer, Jun 10 2006

       Sp: "Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa".
jutta, Jun 10 2006

       "There's no government like no government"
spidermother, Jun 12 2006

       This, for some reason, reminds me of my brother asking why didn't people just abolish the law so that nobody could break the law.   

       Bun just for bringing up that hilarious memory.
froglet, Jun 12 2006

       Not as daft a question as you might think.
DrBob, Jun 12 2006

       Anarchists were briefly part of the governments of both Spain and Russia in revolutionary times.
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 13 2006


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