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Anonymous Midnight Flush Demonstration

Mass midnight toilet flush to overload sewer systems.
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People seem to be getting screwed over by governments more and more and demonstrations in public result in your photo on a government file somewhere....... next thing you're floating face down in a creek. I have had this "new" idea for a while now......... Since the sewer systems are designed only to cope with certain loads at certain times of the day, if a mass-flushing were organised for the 'wee' hours of the morning, I'm sure it would cause havock at the treatment works and be a good way to voice the anonymous opinion of the downtrodden masses. (apologies to the sewer-works maintenence crew who are probably working night shift at the time cleaning screens or something while the flow is low.) A smilar concept could be applied to the electrical grid. Put all your appliances on at 1.30am then all off at 1.40am to complain about tax increases or something.

Demonstrating from the comfort of your home........

It'd have to be organised via the web somehow.

Headlines "The new government bill on abortion was poo-poo'd last night when a mass toilet flushing at 1am flooded the local treatment works. Mass flushings are due to continue nightly till the bill is revoked."

Elitefingerbun, Oct 28 2005


       Try to do it when the assumed night shift lunch break will be.   

       Take down the power grid to protest power price increases!   

       (I may have a photo on file somewhere?)
Zimmy, Oct 30 2005

       Interesting idea, but I wonder if we *really* want our sewage systems to collectively break down.   

       Does the Australian government have a track record of ignoring the popular will?
DrCurry, Oct 30 2005

       flush mob.
po, Oct 30 2005

       The odds against achieving a royal flush are 649,750 to 1.   


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