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Anatomical Drinking Straw

drinking straw that takes an anatomical route
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Anatomical Straw comes in the form of a small, transparent human figure, inside of which a straw snakes.

Beginning with an extension tube that screws into the mouth, the straw follows an anatomical route, down the oesophagus, through the stomach and into the intestinal coils, finally emerging via another section of tubing that attaches to the figure's anus.

Anatomical Drinking Straw can be used either way up.

xenzag, Jan 02 2009


       Brilliant: I would buy this. [+]
pertinax, Jan 03 2009

       That worries me. Much as I like things that look like other things, there's really nothing I want to suck out of, or through, a cute little plastic anus.   

       Make a simplified blood system version that ends in a figure's neck?
jutta, Jan 03 2009

       I'm amazed these don't already exist, but I've never heard of them. I'm a little worried they will be pornographic, and the top will either look like "the fifth element" or someone puking, but definitely cool. (+)   

       Maybe just do the torso, throat to bladder?
MisterQED, Jan 03 2009

       That's going to be one long straw.   

       //a cute little plastic anus//   

       make that a penis (or vagina) instead?
neelandan, Jan 03 2009

       - or breasts, if you're drinking milk...
hippo, Jan 03 2009

       Well my first idea was a Vlad The Impaler drinking straw/figure.
xenzag, Jan 03 2009

       How about tapeworm living in your stomach straw?
ricchris, Jan 03 2009

       Yep, definitely. Another home ed idea too.
nineteenthly, Jan 03 2009

       While on biz or a vacation. A time away from the normal, at many a third world or economically impoverished lands, the potential to hire an actual anatomical version.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 03 2009

       This sounds familiar.
daseva, Jan 03 2009


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