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Archimedes' Straw

Miniature Archimedes screw delivers refreshments without all that troublesome suction.
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The Archimedes straw: stick one end into your drink, stick the other end between your lips, and crank the tiny handle on the side. Through gear action, the little screw turns inside the plastic exterior and pumps drink up into waiting mouth.
DrWorm, Sep 25 2009

A miniature one of these? http://www.columbia...rchimedes_screw.jpg
[coprocephalous, Sep 25 2009]

If there already is rotation.. Milkshake_20Drilling_20Platform
[loonquawl, Sep 25 2009]

Mixed Drinks:Slow Comfortable Screw http://www.ehow.com...fortable-screw.html
[zen_tom, Sep 25 2009]

http://www.theweakshop.com/food-lift.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 02 2010]


       coming up with re-applications of developed technologies isn't forbidden 21Q. Unless you can direct us to a place where we may acquire a similar item (???) then the [M-F-D] should be retracted with suitable apologies.
WcW, Sep 25 2009

       Well, [21Quest], if you're going to bone this, at least you gave me an explanation. However, I don't think this is Baked as you declare it to be. When I pictured this idea, I thought of those little plastic straw packages with the straws all lined up... but with a tiny screw running down the length of each one. I thought it was rather cute. I can't imagine doing that with Archimedes screws in the forms that they exist in today.
DrWorm, Sep 25 2009

       Officer Quest just wants to see your license and registration. Keep your hands on the idea where he can see them and don't make any sudden moves. He may let you off with a warning or give you a ticket, do you know how fast you were going back there, when you posted the idea?
WcW, Sep 25 2009

       Where on the sweet earth can I buy a drinking straw with an auger built into it 21Quest? Where? Because that is the point of the whole "baked" notion isn't it. If it has never been done than it can hardly be called baked. As for your demure attitude about calling for an idea to be deleted, I find that disingenuous.
WcW, Sep 25 2009

       Whose copyright? Archimedes? honestly. The reason why nobody has done this before is because, as far as I can find, it occurred to Dr. Worm first, making it his invention and a validly half baked one at that.
WcW, Sep 25 2009

       [21Quest], Internal Affairs has a few questions they need to ask you about copywriting archaic technology.
normzone, Sep 25 2009

       sounds like more work than sucking
simonj, Sep 25 2009

       [21] has become our junkyard dog. Now if only he could refrain from biting the employees and customers during working hours.
normzone, Sep 25 2009

       //I guess it's no longer acceptable to speak one's mind here//
You really haven't got the HB, have you, [21Q}?
It's a parlour game.
A distraction.
A bit of fun. (Remember fun?)
It really doesn't need your spraint.

coprocephalous, Sep 25 2009

       This would work well with [Flying Toaster]s invention [link]. [+]
loonquawl, Sep 25 2009

       [+] actually I was originally going to use an Archimedes screw for that one, but didn't want the shaft to have to be at an angle.
FlyingToaster, Sep 25 2009

       This is completely unnecessary and involves more effort and complication than the traditional method.   

       All it needs is to be driven by a small steam engine.   

Twizz, Sep 25 2009

       //...screw for that one, but didn't want the shaft to have to be at an angle...// - ooer!
hippo, Sep 25 2009

       I don't know if the changes were made in the interim, but 21, if you want moderators to find the mfd then you have to write it properly. They don't sift for misspellings or bad capitalization, as I understand the process.   

       I like using analogies to discuss potential MFDs. If you say this is baked, then all miniaturization ideas are baked. Proving, once again, that nanotechnology is more aptly named shitnotechnology.
daseva, Sep 25 2009

       I move that we cut [21Q]'s hours here to part time, so that he'll have an opportunity to get another job that pays better.   

       And much as I like [DrWorm]'s idea, I hope it's not a big commercial success. I mean, just imagine...   

       My wife and I have ordered nice thick shakes at the drive-up. The carhop skates them out, hangs the tray on my window, punches out my change, then she leans down and asks "Would you like a screw, or just a suck?"   

       What's the world's record time for death by embarassment?
lurch, Sep 25 2009

       actually [lurch], it might help with the big thick shakes -- I know sometimes they're too thick to suck easily, and please God don't mark that for a tagline.
CaptainClapper, Sep 25 2009

       Poor old [21Q] he does have a point (albeit a belaboured one) we might not all agree with it, but it's ok for him to to speak his mind.   

       Bearing in mind that when a moderator sees someone continually marking lots and lots of things for deletion, and then comes across a borderline case (like perhaps this one - yes, Archimedes screw was invented by a Classical Greek, so in that respect, it is very much an existing invention - while the application of this technology to the beverage space is, as far as I'm aware, quite original) it's more likely they will give the benefit of the doubt to the poster if the mfd-er is a serial one.   

       I can see this becoming the rage in coctail bars - where people might, for example be able to order a Long Slow Comfortable (Archimedes) Screw.
zen_tom, Sep 25 2009

       This I like a lot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 25 2009

       As I recall, there never was an official 'MFD-baked'; the closest documented one is 'MFD-widely known to exist', which this isn't.   

       However, I admit that I've done the odd extra-judicial MFD myself, so I can't really complain.
pertinax, Sep 26 2009

       A serial mfd-er, hahahaha. I love that. Or in this case a "cereal bowl" mfd-er ;-)   

       I love the idea. Have to admit I was a bit behind in my bakery lessons for the week, and I had not seen this, till [jutta] linked it to twitter. I thought the snippet there was hysterical. So a big sucking bun for a ya, wormy.
blissmiss, Sep 26 2009

       // it's ok for him to to speak his mind. //   

       Of course it is. After all, it won't take very long, will it ?
8th of 7, Sep 26 2009

       You could simply place the crank in your mouth and rotate it with your tongue. That might be popular some places.
baconbrain, Nov 01 2010

       Hm. Looks like you've traipsed through my ideas list, [baconbrain]...
DrWorm, Nov 01 2010

       hahaha, check out this [link]. It's been baked, at least as a gag commercial advert for 'drink more milk' here in North America.   


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