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And so to bed, my phone

A dolls bed for your cell phone (charger inside)
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A doll's bed for your cell phone so that it charges while you sleep. Deluxe model inserts the charger plug and removes it when the phone is fully charged. Lamps and nightstands or display shelf extra.

So... Four or five little beds with the families' phones on top of the frig. If one rings in the middle of the night, you stumble down the stairs, stub your toe, and write down the name of the hospital in the light of the opened frig door.

Having a place you can habitually drop your phone and find it in the morning mental fog would be worth the extra dust and mess.

popbottle, May 24 2014

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       I did make a little futon set for my cellphone over here, admittedly it was just made out of paper. If you can the run the the full four-poster..this might actually be commercially successful. Go to talk to someone in Guandong province...
not_morrison_rm, May 24 2014


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