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Animal Countries

Vast Expanses of Territory Dedicated to Animals and Plants Protected by the UN
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Whenever a country violates international law, the punishment is that they have to give up land to create independent animal countries. Existing wildlife reserves, parks, and other areas already devoted to animals can become animal countires too. The UN, along with other scientific organizations, would protect the animal countries from poachers and invaders. No humans, except for UN workers/soldiers, scientists, etc. would be allowed inside the animal countries. However, in conjuction with licensed tourist businesses, tourists can enter animal countries in "safe" times of the year when they can harm the animals/plants and their habitats the least. The tourists would generate some of the revenue needed to maintain the animal countries. Other revenue would be obtained from countries who wish to have their scientific teams to be allowed in the animal countries, and donations from individuals/charities. The animal countries would prove as shelters for animals and vegetation from wars, pollution, and other hazards of human society.
NHstud1216, Jul 15 2001

Dog Island http://www.thedogisland.com/
"Every now and then some dogs gang up and kill and then eat another dog, but this is just natural." [Saveloy, Mar 10 2005]

Isle of Dogs http://www.transki.co.uk/walk/dogs.htm
I think the same thing happens there. [angel, Mar 10 2005]


       I must commend you on your sterling idea, a vast improvement on your Scottish Independence fiasco. However, there are still a minority of faults with your idea. The main international law breakers are the Middle East & China for human rights. Another one of the international outlaws would be the US with the Kyoto agreement. If you take land away from china, UN HQ in NY will experience Nuclear war heads. If you take land from Middle Eastern countries, things will only get worse. If you take land away from the US Super Power, who swing more lumber than the most lumber jackest lumber jack, you will end up with, what can only be described as, a big old mess of crap on your hands. If you look at the endangered species list, you will notice that most of theses animals are not native to Wisconsin. Polar bears would be pretty hard up in UNChina, and i'm sure the elephants would have a trial in the sahara dessert.   

       [Deconstruction complete...awaiting commands...]
[ sctld ], Jul 28 2001

       Baked in the form of wildlife preserves.
watermelancholy, Jul 28 2002

       They tried this, but the pigs sold the horse for glue.
bookworm, Jul 28 2002

       I'm not sure about creating a monopoly with "liscensed tourist businesses". Why not create a public tour system, have a certain number of tickets to enter these countries at a low, fixed rate, enough to offset some of the costs of running them, and let tourists buy these tickets through whichever service they choose? It's not like tourists are going to be bustling to visit. Except perhaps at the most popular Animal Nations, supply of tickets is always going to exceed demand. That's why I think a public program is better than a state-sponsored monopoly.
lebobtheavenger, Mar 10 2005

       would the animals get a vote in the UN? the pope does.
changokun, Mar 10 2005

       Thought the Vatican had observer status. Guess you learn something new every day.
lebobtheavenger, Mar 12 2005


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