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Animated license plate

Completely legal from 90°
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Lenticular printing employs lenticular lens devices that changes what perceived image you see based on what angle you are viewing from. These are common in novelty items, children's toys, baseball cards and advertisements, and are used to show multiple images as the viewing angle changes. Sometimes used to simulate motion, the images can be completely different. Which leads to my idea. The technology could be used when printing car license plates. (please note, all automotive references are US based) My license plate would display my plate number when you are looking directly at it, at 90° At 75° it would say "can't pass me", at 60° it says "downshifting" and then 50° it says "goodbye". And just to be courteous it would say "sorry" from all degrees above 100°, because those are all the people I just passed.
evilpenguin, Oct 20 2007


       I have a lenticular mouse pad (I find that it doesn't work very well in one axis with my optical mouse).   

       Why not just make it a bumper sticker?
BJS, Oct 20 2007

       nothing, huh?
evilpenguin, Oct 22 2007

       The cops wouldn't like this at all. Your plate is for their use, to identify your vehicle and they want to be able to see it from any angle, always. The idea is cool itself, but I gotta bone it on the technicality that it'll never go.
Noexit, Oct 22 2007

       Good enough for me. I would like it better if I could have a fake plate number displayed from a different angle, for photo radar and red light cameras. Or I could just not speed and quit running red lights. +1 for you.
Crackpot, Oct 22 2007

       I think it is funny as heck! Of course, it would be totally illegal. But if you're into the black market, you could make 'em that are unreadable from whatever angle a speed camera gets you from (if you're speeding) but toally legible at every other angle. So the cops can wonder...... Don't do that, by the way. You'll go to jail, for sure. I strongly disapprove of illegal driving. I don't really think I should vote. I like it, but I don't want it to happen.
TahuNuva, Nov 01 2007


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