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Animatize it

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Some kind of filter program that you can use to make an animated shot for shot remake of your favourite film
simonj, Mar 03 2009

A Scanner Darkly http://en.wikipedia...anner_Darkly_(film)
to look like this? [xaviergisz, Mar 03 2009]

Rotoshop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotoshop
baked [Spacecoyote, Mar 03 2009]

Automated Rotoscoping http://www.youtube....EgI&feature=related
Seems like it's been done... [Jinbish, Mar 03 2009]


       "Some kind of filter program"? C'mon. How does it work?
jutta, Mar 03 2009

       much like Photoshop, but able to do lots of frames rather than a single image
simonj, Mar 03 2009

       [Spacecoyote] got there a split second before me. The term for tracing a filmed frame sequence is called 'rotoscoping'. To do it automagically you need to use edge-detection and stuff on each frame etc.
Jinbish, Mar 03 2009

       Real rotoscoping can't be done completely automatically--computers aren't very good at seeing the lines of things the way we do. But computers are good at interpolating aka tweening and that helps.
Spacecoyote, Mar 03 2009

       not quite spacecoyote... "Despite some appearances to the contrary, this software does not use filters, image-processing or any kind of motion capture technology. Rather, it is an advanced program for hand-tracing over frames of video"
simonj, Mar 03 2009

       That's what I alluded to in the last anno...it basically just does tweening.
Spacecoyote, Mar 03 2009


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