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Ankle Donuts, the Rainwear of Tomorrow

roll on – rain - roll off
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No more umbrella in your hand or raincoat draped on your arm. You’re always prepared for the wettest with a full protection overall snugly rolled around your ankles. It’s also a must when sauntering through the Sahara (sandstorm protection) or flying over Greenland (wind chill reduction).

Ankle donuts, made of sheer, breathable polyester, come in two models, in yellow or olive as the rolled top of rubber boots (wellies) or transparent and integrated with socks for the executive market. Each rolled rain ring includes a leg, a sleeve and half of the torso and hood of the assembled rain suit.

At the first hint of precipitation, unroll the donuts up your legs, join the back with the patented Velcro zipper, insert your arms and zip up the front to complete a handsome, weather-resistant garb that can just as quickly be rolled down again with the return of the sun.

FarmerJohn, Mar 30 2004


       Make them Goretex and you're on another winner. +
saker, Mar 30 2004

       but its raining today!
po, Mar 30 2004

       This idea is so ugly it has to be original, I can hear the kids jeering at the wearer "ankle donuts, what a dweeb!" Kids can be so cruel. I like it.
dentworth, Mar 30 2004

       It's a good idea but it has no picture. If you aren't going to do a picture of such an invention, could you do a picture of an elk eating a doughnut? +
sartep, Mar 30 2004

       A bagel-munching moose?
FarmerJohn, Mar 30 2004

       //your full body, showerproof, condom coat//   

       Are you making fun of me?
Detly, Mar 30 2004

       Might be more user friendly if the clothing consisted of two layers:   

       A jumpsuit, or skintight under-layer, for regular wear, with the over-layer distributed in rolls around the midriff, arms, and legs. More areas to join, but less bulk in any one area when rolled up.   

       This could be the daily wear of the next century. Of course, the kids will start developing new ways to wear their's as soon as their parents suggest they shouldn't.
normzone, Mar 30 2004

       I knew this had to be [FJ] as soon as I saw the title.   

       I definitely want a set in mismatched colors. Bright ones.
lurch, Mar 30 2004

       Rainwear of tomorrow? But, what if it's raining today?
half, Mar 31 2004

       The finest of restaurants might offer 'Velcro extension strips' for patrons who have dined too keenly and can no longer fit into their unrolled ankle doughnuts.
benjamin, Apr 01 2004

       Where do you hide them if you wear a skirt?
Frostybeard, Apr 01 2004

       You don’t hide them, you flaunt them above your pumps.
FarmerJohn, Apr 01 2004

       Like anklewarmers! With really skinny ties!
ye_river_xiv, Nov 24 2008


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