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Auto Shirt

Shirt that ventilates when walking
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Imagine airpumps on the soles of the shoes, connected by plastic hoses to underneat your shirt, distribuiting air and pushing out the heat as you walk.

You can walk on a sunny day, and never break a sweat.

noyola, May 16 2009

Ingeniously_20aspirated_20cool_20suit [marked-for-deletion] redundant, I think, with this idea which I have to confess I only posted so I could get the word "pirate" into the title of an idea - this was back in the days when this would cause the 'for'/'against' buttons to change to 'arr'/'narr'. [hippo, May 18 2009]


       Nice. As [21Q] suggests, the hoses need a bit more thought. As a bonus, if the air could escape past a reed device and make a fart noise as it pumped, then you definitely have me sold. [+]
skegger, May 16 2009

       These exist for race car drivers, astronauts, and bomb squad people but they are a bit expensive and electric powered so they require a large battery to be carried...
DIYMatt, May 17 2009

       Sorry about the Typography errors- I'm not american, nor english is my current languaje. I will try harder to correct this, thanks!   

       Ok on to the hose. How about this- Let's forget about the hose form. Let's built a pair of pants double skinned conncted to the shoe's soles. Add to this doubled skin pair of pants air check valvles, so when you walk you also generete some more air.   

       The pants should be commected also to the shirt, so what we will have is a self ventilated three piece overall.   

       This overall might be of a very light fabric, it wil puff and puff air when you jog. This might help ho reduce body heat and perform better when exorcising...
noyola, May 18 2009


       That's great. I've always wanted a pair of MC Hammer pants.
skegger, May 18 2009

       And they will inflate and desinflate on every single jump and rhyme- The pumping pants.   

       Good for hip hopers and aspiring clowns everywhere.
noyola, May 18 2009

       hippo- You are right, you thought of this first I'm reading. Kudos-
noyola, May 18 2009

       //<sniff-sniff> //   

       Think I smell it too, [2 fries].
shudderprose, May 21 2009


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