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Annotate every idea!

Every idea is welcome, no matter how lame it is
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Yes, I'm intimating that some of us are grumpy old fogeys who think someone died and made them the Halfbakery Quality Police (you know who you are).

If you don't like an idea, just bone it and move on. Or ignore it. If you think ideas from certain users are consistently low quality, you can filter them out if you like.

Show your endorsement of this idea by annotating the lamest idea you can find (which is probably this one, but if you feel like churning an older idea so much the better). Remember the motto of the Royal Society of Comment-Thread Archaeologists: “BAMP for great justice!!!”

ytk, Jun 21 2014


       Here's the deal. I usually comment on every idea I vote on. There are many ideas that are so brilliant, but so very out of my realm of expertise, that I don't understand the concept. Hence I remain silent. Better a fool unheard then one who thinks they know a sliver about everything.   

       There are exceptions. If I see someone post a comment who I haven't seen for years, I will usually acknowledge their presence. I know it's not what the site is for, but sometimes I am so glad to see someone, and so encouraged that they have dropped by for a visit, I can't control my fingers.   

       So I hope this clarifies as to why I sometimes seemingly "ignore" a good idea. Thank you for reading this, and good day.
blissmiss, Jun 22 2014

       <acknowledging prescence>
Hi, [blissmiss]! </ap>
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 23 2014

       " grumpy old fogeys...Halfbakery Quality Police "...You're cracking me up.   

       " annotating the lamest idea you can find (which is probably this one, "   

       This idea can't even get on the waiting list for consideration of being the lamest idea, much less be the lamest idea. It keeps far lamer company.   

       It's a big playground. I understand that some of us think the pinnacle of humor is the idea equivalent of fart jokes.   

       What rationale could there be for me to down vote an idea that was created by a user who chooses not to categorize their work, or declines to provide source references? I'd just be encouraging the behavior.   

       You may be onto something in that my expectations for this forum have remained consistent while the level of conduct has gone down.
normzone, Jun 23 2014

       //.Halfbakery Quality Police   

       Doesn't say if they are trying to drive up the quality, or go the other way...   

       <nmrm fails to find relevant Robert M Persig quote, goes for a fag>
not_morrison_rm, Jun 23 2014

       Tips croissant shaped cap at [neutrinos_shadow]. (Gets butter all over fingers).
blissmiss, Jun 23 2014

       Is there a category for The Lamest Idea or do we have to find one for ourselves?
xandram, Jun 23 2014


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