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HB Category Elitists

Give some poor soul a medal who has outdone his peers.
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This is an idea to give a golden plate or something to anyone who has posted in every category (and subcategory). As this will probably never be achieved, the idea will be pretty cheap to execute.

But, the HB is young with respect to the average baker's life expectancy, so the golden plate could end up just bieng an icon next to the user's name. This will signify that the user is a quite seasoned baker and should be revered/ridiculed for such accomplishments.

daseva, Oct 21 2006


       This would, methinks, just encourage people to post rubbish ideas. The best possible reward is the gratitude and affection of our fellow 'bakers, garnered over a long span of faithful 'baking.
dbmag9, Oct 21 2006

       ..or the outrage and opprobrium of our fellow 'bakers gained in two minutes flat.
DrBob, Oct 21 2006

       No, I don't like this. In theory at least, a good idea is a good idea regardless of who posts it.
david_scothern, Oct 21 2006

       Sometimes a well-chosen word or nicely turned phrase from [DrBob] just makes my day. Go ahead and pin a medal on him with the thanks of a grateful reader.
jurist, Oct 22 2006

       Agreed [jurist] and I often have to look them up.
xandram, Oct 22 2006

       It's pointless to create a symbol for something that could never be achieved. The roster of categories is not absolute, therefore one's goal of posting an idea in each is utterly unattainable.   

       Besides, I don't come here to compete. I'm just here for the hors d'ouevres. Did you try the smoked salmon in puff pastry? It is to die for.   

       <aside - I tried to smoke a salmon once but I couldn't keep the end lit. Dammit, where's my rim shot?>
Canuck, Oct 22 2006

       *rim shot*
calum, Oct 22 2006

       //one's goal of posting an idea in each is utterly unattainable.//

Aww, now you've brought out the Don Quixote in me, Canuck. What could be more worthy than the pursuit of an entirely unattainable goal?
DrBob, Oct 22 2006

       A nice lean mutton on rye?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 23 2006


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