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give yourself a list of usernames that can be traced only upon western authorities request
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This is a verified user with a real person behind it, address phone and legal identification.

AnonyLegalID gives you a list of usernames and passwords for different sites. Only you can trace yourself between websites.

Instead of giving permission to SnapChat to view your GMail contacts, you give permission to view your AnonyLegalID- Gmail contacts. SnapChat never knows your GMail user identity, and subscribing to SnapChat or to ExcelForum will not give them the opportunity to spam you or your cellphone.

For a small fee you can also have a AnonyLegalPhone number so that no-one can spam you anymore without you knowing where they got your number from, and cancelling that service.

You can also give each of your friends an anonyLegalEmail address so that when THEY share their Gmail contacts with Facebook, or when someone looks at their Facebook friends, they only see John Smith 2457, and spammers have it all that harder to spam you.

pashute, Nov 04 2015

Hidentity - hidden identity Related, but different idea by [Loris] [pashute, Nov 04 2015]


       The extreme version would be to simply (for a reasonably broad definition of the word) set up your own mail-server. Give everybody you contact their own return address. On mine, you would be pashute@flyingtoaster.org, which would be the e-mail address I would give you to contact me with. If I signed up for facebook, the e-mail I'd enter would be facebook@flyingtoaster.org. The email I'd have on my account page here would be halfbakery@FlyingToaster.org.   

       The upside is having a throwaway address for one-off communications: companies or people you just chatted with the one time never have a chance to send you spam because, when you're finished the communications you just delete the account.   

       If you need to keep a line of communication open, then if you get spam you can tell them about it and change the address... and pashute01@FlyingToaster.org is born.   

       The downside is confusing the hell out of everybody, and having to explain it to them at least once, possibly more times.
FlyingToaster, Nov 04 2015

       Hey [pashute] do you have an email address for [flyingtoaster] by any chance? The one I have isn't working any more.
pocmloc, Nov 04 2015


       No, you never throw out your email addresses. And you don't have to give the different websites a different address, it all goes through your supposedly one address at anonylegal.com (which never can receive any mail, but which distributes automatic mails for the site and recipient).
pashute, Nov 05 2015


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