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Do I have access dot com

Site only knows that I HAVE a user and password, not what it is
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That way when I do a web search (ok, Google), I know if its an article that I can actually read, or one that I'll have to purchase.

Search will give true information about free, trial, paid already, or demanding pay for webpage entry.

I'm finding it extremely exasperating doing web research, and getting to articles that I have to pay for, while most of the info is out there free, and the paid articles are usually useless.

pashute, Apr 05 2011


       Google *used* to have a really useful feature where you could manually exclude a website from any future results.   

       It used to be handy when researching something, as you could exclude all the pay-for-nothing sites that did nothing except plagiarise wikipedia (if such a thing is possible) from clogging up your results.
zen_tom, Apr 05 2011

       bone fide?
pashute, Apr 06 2011


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