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Anonymous, Passive-Aggressive Road Rager

Vent your frustration without fear of losing your life!
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How many times have you just wanted to go off on the stupid drivers in your presence, but haven't because you're not sure if they're psycho and out for blood?

This device would involve a PDA-sized computer that is installed either into or onto the dashboard, with voice command/speech-to-text capabilities so you wouldn't have to take your eyes off the road. It would connect wirelessly and anonymously to a control center linked to all fifty states' DMV databases.

When someone pisses you off on the road, you would activate the Anonymous Road Rager with a voice command such as "Go-go Gadget Road Rager!" (ok, maybe not) and read the license plate number and state to the computer. Then, voice your complaint. Don't be shy...it's anonymous, and remember what the kids say about sticks and stones? If nothing else, you'll feel better for screaming at the idiot, even if it isn't to their face.

The offensive driver will receive either a telephone call or a printed message at their home from Road Rager headquarters (telephone/address provided confidentially by DMV) stating the date and time of the incident and the complaint. The license plate numbers of either party are not stored locally in the Road Rager, the origin of the message is untraceable, and complaints are either handled by automated telephone services or printed mail, which is what makes the system anonymous. There would be no way to impose legal ramifications for excessive complaints, however, as there is the possibility of abuse of the system/crank complaints.

It's safe, it's passive-aggressive, and it helps you let off some steam. And hey, if you happen to see a hot little number drive by whom you'd like to get to know a little better, you could always leave them your phone number. But I did warn you about the psychos.

boistmeef, May 23 2001

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       Why not just *pretend* that you have one of these? The effect is exactly the same except that the other driver (who may, in fact, have been innocent of any malfeasance) will not receive any notification. (Anyone who does such things deliberately would file them in the trash anyway.)
angel, May 23 2001

       Reminds me of the Panic PIN. Why not type SMS *send rdhelpangry-(Car Plate No). Wouldn't that be easier?
mailer_daemon, May 23 2001

       And I thought this was going to be another super-hero.   

       Anonynous Passive-Agressive Road Rager swoops down by your car, nods knowingly at you, and proceeds to the offender's driver-side window, knocking. "Pal, you just cut off a nice lady back there. Get your driving under control or I'll get a little less passive and a little more agressive..."
globaltourniquet, May 23 2001

       I would dread checking the messages at home.... What if someone was phsyco/deppressed and you pushed them over the edge? Plus, this would definately be abused by many people with predjudices, as well as women with PMS..........
Galileo, Oct 12 2001

       > this would definately be abused by many people with > predjudices, as well as women with PMS..........   

       not to mention MEN with similar hormone imbalances.   

dj_photon, Oct 17 2001

       Yah everyone in the insurance biz knows testosterone is almost as lethal behind the wheel as alcohol.
LoriZ, Oct 21 2001


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