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car pheromones

prevent cars from passing like ships in the night.
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Ever been driving on a highway, only to discover that your best friend just passed you without seeing you? Thus missing the opportunity to stop and grab a few? With our low powered wi-fi equipped car pheromone device, your car will sniff out your friends whenever they are within 500 meters. It will not only sniff them out, but also allow you to use the voip feature to arrange the meeting place at the nearest exit. Premium versions add the video link
senatorjam, Jul 16 2004

Wi-Fi on the Autobahn? http://www.internet...article.php/3451111
The country has awarded several car manufacturers grants to create a car-to-car wireless data network that could conceivably evolve into the world's first automobile Internet. [senatorjam, Jan 20 2005]


       I'm not a SatNav expert, but I suppose that this might be possible using existing technology.   

       I presume that each car with SatNav has a unique identifier with the satellites. If your car knew the unique identifiers of your friends' cars, then it could flash 'em up on the screen as you drive. Maybe we could even have a "follow my friend" button. +
jonthegeologist, Jul 16 2004


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