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Another ergonomic mouse

Build boxes and put mice in them
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Using my mouse as often as I do I've noticed three specific problems that haven't been designed for very well in any kind of mouse.

1: When I need higher precision I find myself gripping the mouse harder and pushing down a little. Which makes sense and does help but there is a better way that doesn't strain my mouse hand.
2: Clicking is always the same motion, done by the same finger, actuated via the same tendon.
3: The mouse always needs to be flat on the movement surface, which requires a slight, awkward and tendon-constraining twist to my wrist.

This mouse would solve all of those problems. Instead of a loose mouse body, the mouse would consist of a box about 10 by 10 cm in size. On top would be a thing shaped a lot like a traditional mouse, with very high precision tracking for less movement. It would come in six hand sizes and have buttons for all fingers. It would also easily tilt or be set to stay tilted for different wrist directions to the hand. Clicking would be performed the traditional way, done by one's ring or little finger (requiring less pressure since less weight is typically there) or by using a separate foot peddle.
Voice, Aug 29 2021

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       A Wacom tablet and pen will give you all the functions of a mouse plus total precision for drawing etc. + for your mad idea.
xenzag, Aug 29 2021

       A trackball needs lots of thumb movement, which this idea avoids.
Voice, Aug 29 2021

       On my desk at work, I have:
A normal keyboard
A Wacom tablet (stylus and touch, but with touch normally turned off)
An ordinary wireless 2-button + scroll mouse (normally turn off)
A 3DConnexion Space Pilot 3D mouse
A 2-button + scroll trackball (fingers not thumb)
So if one method becomes annoying, I can switch to something different, but it's the Wacom 90% of the time.
Although I do like the suggestion of a foot pedal... surely 6 input methods isn't overkill..?
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 29 2021

       //On my desk at work, I have: ...// - very disappointed not to see a theremin on that list
hippo, Aug 30 2021

       [hippo]; you build a theremin that can interface with SolidWorks, & I will buy it.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 30 2021


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