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Computer Mouse That Changes Hand Angles

Fights repetitive strain injury.
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Motors change the grip and how the hand holds it.

It's flat in position one, then when you get up to do something else it automatically changes to a verticle position. Next break, it's in an elevated position, they a tilt one way, then another.

You can adjust how often and when it changes configuration, but it mitigates repetitive motion injuries by having your hand and wrist constantly changing position.

Could have a simpler version where you change it manually as well, be a lot cheaper.

doctorremulac3, Jul 03 2024

Contour Design Unimouse https://youtu.be/bSy0Rqa7NO0
[a1, Jul 04 2024]


       // Could have a simpler version where you change it manually as well, be a lot cheaper //   

       At that point you may be describing something like Contour Design Unimouse (link). But the core idea, motors automatically enacting changes, might help train people to break up their routine. [+]
a1, Jul 04 2024

       Cool link, thanks a1.   

       Here's an idea, how about it being made up of compartments inflated with either liquid or air to reconfigure the shape. Made of stretchable rubber so you wouldn't have all those gaps and crevices.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       I just changed the link to point to the vendor's product video instead of Amazon product listing. Snazzy.   

       I think a flexible skin to cover the gaps would look good. But I don't know if pumping them up would be any better than other kinds of actuating motors. I'd probably opt for efficiency, as a wireless version would need a battery on board.   

       This is best serious idea I've seen on the bakery for a while. Gonna build a prototype?
a1, Jul 04 2024

       Thanks a1, I'll put that on the list of approximately 200 prototypes I need to build on my crazy idea list.   

       If I build these I'll send you the first one off the assembly line to check out.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       Thank you but I'll pass. Wouldn't be a good test user as I almost never use a mouse and don't suffer from the problems they may cause.
a1, Jul 04 2024

       Gotta be honest, not sure I'd buy one of these either. Well, maybe. Have to play around with it I guess.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       I got RSI from mouse usage so switched to using the mouse in my other hand. It takes about two days to become totally comfortable with using the mouse in your other hand (with mouse buttons reversed in the settings). Nearly 30 years later I still use the mouse in my non-dominant hand.
hippo, Jul 04 2024

       Boy, you're talking some skill there. I have two mice... do you call them mice? WTF? Sorry, got distracted, but when my hand gets sore with horizontal one I go to the vertical one.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       // switched to using the mouse in my other hand //   

       Yeah, a few folks at my office do that. I tried to convince them using a touchpad is better for preventing RSI, but they say they could never get the hang of it. Even though they can manage switching from right to left hand without a problem.
a1, Jul 04 2024


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