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Computer capybara

The frame is out of Glasgow, the tech is Japanese.
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It weighs sixty-five kilos, is made of cast iron and has a cannonball which turns two sticks of bamboo each passing through a roughly star-shaped kusudama model whose points interrupt Bladerunner-style flares of burning gas, detected by photocells. Clicking involves karate-style moves to the two buttons with considerable force. Moving the capybara at all involves a fair amount of effort.
nineteenthly, Dec 15 2008

Wikipedia: Capybara http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capybara
[jutta, Dec 15 2008]

another http://www.symbolic...w/Products/Capybara
so not one of these then? it weighs about the same [BunsenHoneydew, Dec 18 2008]


       Is this some sort of physical therapy for atrophied geeks?
Spacecoyote, Dec 15 2008

       To an extent.
nineteenthly, Dec 15 2008

       Impractical and unwieldy. Works for me!
DrBob, Dec 15 2008

       Hardly the best choice of rodent, for capybara have no tail.
coprocephalous, Dec 15 2008

       OK then, it´s wireless.
nineteenthly, Dec 15 2008

       I did consider þat one, but it would´ve led to a raðer obscure idea title: Computer Neochœrus has þe appealing "œ" in the title but would mean noþing to most people, including myself.
nineteenthly, Dec 16 2008

       Yes, it´s a shame they aren´t still around. Glyptodonts had a similarly unfortunate demise (giant armadillos!), and the giant sloth was entertainingly bulletproof.
nineteenthly, Dec 16 2008

       //wombats as big as cows//   

       Ahh diprotodon, how I wish you were still around. Was reading up on them a few days ago; apparently more the size of hippos and rhinos than mere cows   

       And a few twelve foot tall carnivorous kangaroos should spice things up nicely in tourist season
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 18 2008


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