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Anti-Abuse Stapler

For those heavy-handed office fellows
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It looks like a regular stapler, but attempting to slam the stapler down with excessive force will activate a spike that forces its way out of holes on the top, piercing the abusive stapler-user.

A brief warning sign could be posted. Or not.

twitch, Nov 23 2010

a smart smack! re-cycle_20old_20staples
[po, Nov 23 2010]

Stapler with fangs Stapler_20with_20fangs
shameless self promotion [xaviergisz, Nov 23 2010]


       Why slam a stapler when you can punch the person pissing you off?   

       Oooh! I alliterated!
MikeD, Nov 23 2010

       do you share a stapler and you worry about its abuse? how strange.
po, Nov 23 2010

       The thing is, I don't think I've ever seen a stapler fatally damaged, or even seriously wounded, by heavily-handed blows.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2010

       well max, then you haven't seen cheap. Or you haven't really seen a "heavy hand".   

       Try working with polynesians, who think that the more force, the better. If they break it, their solution?: Walk away fast.
twitch, Nov 23 2010

       Ah! There's your problem - a cheap stapler, probably Chinese.   

       The stapler in my library is French. Genevieve, I think she's called.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 23 2010

       isn't most of what we use on the consumer level made in China? Kind of hard to avoid.
twitch, Nov 23 2010

       Staplers should be able to resist functionality, but not be able to punish dysfunction. This is particularly important when staplers resist functionality.
rcarty, Nov 25 2010

       Mind you this is a half-bakery stapler, and punishing dysfunction, I believe, is perfectly acceptable.   

       I mean, my wife punishes me all the time.
twitch, Nov 25 2010

       Find and replace "stapler" with "woman"?
rcarty, Nov 25 2010

       s/For those heavy-handed office fellows/Expensive vigilante stapler designed to punish those who abuse cheap staplers/g
swimswim, Nov 25 2010


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