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Anti-Anti-Antioxidant milk for tea

Normal milk reduces antioxidant effect of tea; why be normal?
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I recently read that when milk is added to tea, it vastly reduces the health benefits that the tea would have had, if drunk alone.

I propose that someone invent a milk with special additives which bind to those chemicals in milk which would otherwise bind to beneficial chemicals in tea.

Note -- one of the chemicals in milk which blocks a beneficial effect of tea is casein; since casein is a typical component of non-dairy creamer, it wouldn't help to switch to fake milk... fake milk probably reduces the good health effects of tea almost as much as real milk.

goldbb, Apr 15 2009

Wikipedia: Effect of milk on tea http://en.wikipedia...fect_of_milk_on_tea
"Plant-based "milks", such as soy milk, do not contain casein and are not known to have similar effects on tea." [jutta, Apr 15 2009]

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       The title is too negative. All that "anti" makes you sound grumpy. You should use terms like "suppressant" and "inhibitor" and such.   

       Antioxidant - suppressant - inhibitor milk supplement.
Veho, Apr 16 2009

       Tea is overrated in health terms. There are a lot of other herbs out there which have the same stuff in larger quantities and in more available states. Adding milk to tea is also a rather strange activity, i always think. I hate tea and i never drink milk though, so maybe i'm not qualified to comment. For that reason, i'm abstaining.
nineteenthly, Apr 16 2009

       Yeah, right.
coprocephalous, Apr 16 2009

       I'm pro-oxidant, myself.
snoyes, Apr 16 2009

       I find myself not entirely lacking disfavour for this idea.
hippo, Apr 16 2009

       Antioxidants are bad for you. There should be a milk concentrate which enhances the binding effect but dispenses with the other unneeded attributes of milk.
bungston, Apr 16 2009

       Tea+milk=anathema, even for me, and i consider tea to be an ink rather than a drink.
[Ian], it's a triple negative.
nineteenthly, Apr 16 2009

       Anyone for Melamine ? The Chinese have been doing it for three thousand years apparently....
Hairy Sock, Apr 17 2009

       Ah, well they have the fake eggs too. What is it with them? Edit: which seems to be a hoax.
nineteenthly, Apr 17 2009

       I guess when you've got a population of over a billion it doesn't matter if you lose a few. Could lead to a great advertising tagline...."Millions tried, only a few died".
Hairy Sock, Apr 17 2009

       [Hairy], that line could also be used for peanuts, shellfish, driving or skydiving. You make Melamine sound almost timid.
Veho, Apr 18 2009


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