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Anti-Cluelessness Test

Before posting in a certain category, users must pass a knowledge test relevant to that category.
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This would reduce the number of posts which exhibit limited understanding of relevant knowledge, especially in the Other category.

A multiple-choice test, scored electronically, would be relatively easy to implement, though likely still more work than its worth.

sninctown, Jul 09 2006


       That would kinda rule us all out, n'est pas?
DrCurry, Jul 09 2006

       if you had that, then you wouldn't have this.
xenzag, Jul 09 2006

       how would you do in this category?
po, Jul 09 2006

       there is a halfbakery:category category that this would fit into. you failed your test.
tcarson, Jul 09 2006

       oopsie. um...   

       A test is also a learning opportunity-- if I had failed a hb category knowledge test, I would have learned what was relevant instead of bothering you with my cluelessness. Should this go into hb: account? hb:voting?
sninctown, Jul 09 2006

       [snictown], i gave you a proper category already. look at previous anno.
tcarson, Jul 09 2006

       ok, moved to hb:category. I didn't put it there at first since my idea seemed mostly relevant to posting or user restriction and not specific to any one category. However, I flee from the fishbones.
sninctown, Jul 09 2006

       Well when it comes to Food:Cereal:Shape, I think I can hold my own, so I suppose I'll be posting all my ideas in there from now on. Hmm....fishbone shaped cereal?
hidden truths, Jul 10 2006

       Do not flee the fishbones, it triggers their chase respone.   

       + to zenxag's anno
pashute, Jan 13 2016


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