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Category Idea Counter

Display number of ideas in each categories...
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(+5, -4)
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...and put the number of ideas in parentheses.

For example, under the "product" menu, there is a a category for product: tool: wrench. Currently, there are five ideas there, so the bakery would display a small (5) in the product menu.

If this was done, I would keep the number at size 8 font or so to prevent clutter.

Cuit_au_Four, Nov 29 2005

Here you go http://www.halfbake...as_20per_20category
This should work fine. It can be done with a little manipulation of the overview page. [hidden truths, Nov 29 2005]


angel, Nov 29 2005

       Big moderation job to be done ... too many ideas in some categories. Tsk.
jonthegeologist, Nov 29 2005


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