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Anti-Graffiti painter

An intelligent hand-held paint sprayer that covers graffiti with the original background color
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Instead of trying to clean surfaces from graffiti, tags, etc. use a machine that paints over it with the original background color. It is first held to an unspoiled section of the surface a few seconds for calibration. It registers the average background color and prepares for mixing during spraying from containers of primary colors. Spraying would then leave a graffiti free area that melts into the unpainted background.

More advanced devices could duplicate the patterns of rough concrete, granite or even quickly produce camouflage on clothes and equipment to match a new background.

FarmerJohn, Mar 12 2002

Why stop there? Solar_20Panel_20in_20a_20can
[normzone, Jun 15 2011]


       "_Don't_ lean against the wall"
phoenix, Mar 12 2002

       the chameleonic wall paper, modified to feed on paint could be used in this application.
rbl, Mar 12 2002

       Wasn't an automated version of this featured in the movie "Demolition Man"?
dag, Mar 12 2002

       Sounds like it could be useful for parents' whose young, budding artists prefer their walls to paper...
catfish25, Nov 11 2002

       And the graffiti 'artists' are lined up right behind the painter. An automated system (just like the aforementioned Demo-Man) would be the best!
bensini, Jan 24 2003

       I was just thinking up something like this, while walking through lovely downtown Springfield.   

       I suggest a hand-held sprayer/mixer gun, with the other hand free to hold the sensor that is continually picking up the desired color. If the sensor is out of focus, it will pick up the general color, if it is in sharp focus, it can send patterns to the (very expensive) mixer gun.   

       This idea is practically the same as MS Paint's color pick tool. [+]
baconbrain, Jun 14 2011

       when I lived in LA I met a professional graffitti/mural restoration team, who also did graffiti removal as a side business. The easiest way was to coat a wall in wax. It makes paint run and when it finally does dry it can be pressure washed off and recoated with wax
metarinka, Jun 15 2011

       How about an automated paint sprayer that paints the tagger with indelible ink for later identification? It could be triggered by a sensor that detects the discharge of propellant mediums.
Alterother, Jun 15 2011

       The problem is paint fades in sunlight. The system will need to know the properties of the paint used, and adjust the colours accordingly so it will quickly fade to match.
Aq_Bi, Jun 16 2011


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