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Graffiti fighting camouflage

Camoflauge resists graffiti
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Problem: Graffiti causes visual pollution. Graffiti "artists" seek a blank canvas such as mono-color walls or fences.

Suggestion: Produce fencing material that is not mono-color. The design could include flowers, galaxy stars, or other repeating motifs that would provide an attractive but otherwise poor background for graffiti. Pattern creating paint rollers could "roll on" "rubber stamp like" motifs on otherwise mono-colored walls.

Multi-color color blind test images are a good camouflage example. [1]

10 25 2005: Thank you for your input - I should provide more detail. Criminals generally are lazy and spend as little time at the scene as possible. I could imagine special high traffic/great display location circumstances where the criminal would take the time, but I suspect it would be rare that an "artist," and I use the word loosely, would bring enough coating and application equipment with him/her to paint over the patterns and then wait for the paint to dry so that the graffiti could be properly applied.

It's - much - easier to move to an easily accessible untouched canvas down the block. And, unfortunately, many of the techniques in crime fighting involve simply persuading the criminal to move past your valuables and on to easier prey.

The reduction of graffiti of political parties which you oppose would likely be most welcome. [2] It's hardest to stop graffiti on flat surfaces.

Sunstone, Oct 22 2005

[1] Color blind test images https://duckduckgo....ax=images&ia=images
anti-grafitti background design placed on objects behind difficult to push through bushes with sharp tips that fend off predators [Sunstone, Apr 07 2020]

[2] Political street artists https://www.google....cal+graffiti+artist
[Sunstone, Apr 07 2020]


       And then graffiti artists would merely lay down a solid color background before adding tags.   

       Oh, yeah, sp. camouflage.
DrCurry, Oct 22 2005

       so then everything looks like poorly made graffiti? No I am not saying graffiti looks good
keithbrunkala, Oct 15 2007

       Most quality graffito writers are smart enough to lay a background anyway. If you're tagging an easy spot, it's been pre-"camoflaged" by other writers. This presents a different alternative though. What if you hired several local artists who know and understand the "graffiti" scene to pre-paint walls with graffiti like paintings, returning often to paint over any actual graffiti with the faux-graffiti camoflage?
grza, Oct 15 2007

       Just shoot 'em.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2007

       LOL! Good ol' Max.
doctorremulac3, Apr 07 2020

       Yup. Incisive as ever.   

       <Muffled sniveling/>
8th of 7, Apr 07 2020


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