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Anti-Husbandry Book

For non-managers
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This is an idea for a book about anti-husbandrism, which came out of two things I read in the last week.

One was something about "Trancention" I think they called it which in the context of the technological singularity would be the possible future where intelligence just gets smaller and smaller and basically just disappears into the interstices, possibly leaving this universe alone by receding into quantumness, or something like that, but basically just leaving the future alone which I found refreshing.

And the other was a book by Caroline Knapp who died in 2002 and who was one of my childhood heroes and who could really write, but the thing by her that I read or am starting to read now is a book called "Pack of Two" which is basically about how great dogs are and how cute and cudely-wudely they are and how they served her purpose which was to find love.

Now I haven't read the end of the book so she might go into what I am about to say, but so far she hasn't. But what occurred to me, as a person who like Caroline Knapp finds themself as an adult but with the inability to get along with other humans, is that it might not be the best idea to, in the absence of someone big to pick on, try to go out and find, and then write a book celebrating the process of finding someone little to pick on. Ok so that may not be what she was thinking when she wrote the book, and it may be wrong-headed of me to think that way, but in thinking about it I realized that I don't know of a popular defense of living alone without pets, or that having pets and indulging our tendency to want to manage and oversee things is not just part of but the crux of the problem. So extending it from there, someone should write a pop- psy book mapping out the path from living alone without pets, through mineralitarianism, to the eventual trancention.

My apologies to Caroline Knapp who's Alice K column inspired me and who's Drinking book I resonate with, but I am not a dog or a cat person, and I don't think it is an awful thing.

What do you think I am, some kind of a jerk or something? And this! And that's all I need. The ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, this magazine and the chair...I don't need one other thing, except my dog (growwwwwl). Ok, I don't need my dog.

JesusHChrist, Feb 08 2014


       So in summary, something so tiny it could be in your bum, will be experiencing everything all at once? And teddy bears are the best?
pocmloc, Feb 08 2014

       Yea, or even that Teddy Bears should be experiencing everything all at once from inside their own anuses, in the future. Are you been-there done-that-ing me?
JesusHChrist, Feb 08 2014


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