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Scratch 'n' Sniff books for dogs

Bedtime stories for Fido
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Come on up on the bed old friend. I know, I've been running around doing people stuff all day, no time to play with the dog. And those old doggy legs don't work as well as they used to do they? Well snuggle up here and let me read you a story.

Once apon a time there was a pizza (scratch scratch ... snuffle snuffle lick. Wag wag ).

The pizza was in the pizza delivery car on its way to Rex's house. Rex was a smelly old labrador (scratch scratch... sniff sniff. whine.).

Rex was particularly smelly today because he'd found an old dead mouse this morning and rolled all over it. (scratch scratch .... snuffle snuffle. Roll)


Heathera, Mar 31 2006

Polyester - John Waters comic masterpiece film http://www.amazon.c...3855?v=glance&n=130
Odorama scratch-and-sniff card deployed to great effect in film - I still have mine and it still works 25 years later. An old dog can always learn a new trick ! [xenzag, Apr 02 2006]


       Welcome [Heathera], keep 'em coming! And Sammo would like to hear the one about the rabbit and the tripe.
wagster, Mar 31 2006

po, Mar 31 2006

       arf, arf, more...let me smell that croissant..arf +
xandram, Mar 31 2006

       Very cool. Sure, my little dog would probably eat it, but it would be fun until then.
Worldgineer, Mar 31 2006

       "The Toad on the Road" Yeah. My dog rolls on carcasses, too.
reensure, Mar 31 2006

       And for "inside" dogs, it would open up a whole new world.
PollyNo9, Mar 31 2006

       (+) I don't smell any fishbones.   

       (+) "Carrion of the Serengeti" , "Farmer's Guide to Home Sausage Making" , "Bromos el Globus" (Stenches of the World).
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 01 2006

       Ha ha!A1+
cromagnon, Apr 01 2006

       A karma pleasing carnival of delights for canines. +
nth, Apr 01 2006

       i saw something like this but without the scratch'n'sniff feature. I like it. Keep em' comin.
craziness, Apr 01 2006

       This is very very silly, dogs don't actually listen to anything - Do you really think they want bedtime stories when they actually want to scratch their fleas and lick their balls?
The Kat, Apr 01 2006

       Dear Mr.The Kat,   

       I love the sound of my mom's voice. Whenever she speaks my big ears just fly up with joy. I would love a bedtime scratch 'n sniff book so you just shut it or I'll sniff your butt bigtime. signed Oliver   

dentworth, Apr 01 2006


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