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Anti-PMS breakfast cereal

Iron, calcium, evening primrose oil and phytoestrogens all can minimize PMS. Put them in a breakfast cereal.
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I was amazed to learn that PMS can reduce school scores 13% [link] and even approximately doubles numbers on a depression measurement instrument among those that have it. That is the difference between a 4.0 and 3.6 GPA.

From reading up on it at the pubmed medical database there are many treatment options. Some of these could go into a breakfast cereal.

Iron, calcium, evening primrose oil and phytoestrogens all can minimize PMS.

They could call it "uptime" or "free and clear"

beanangel, Nov 04 2018

13% lower test scores on PMS; also 6 times less "impaired concentration" from PMS on a particular oral contraceptive https://www.quora.c...erformance-on-tests
[beanangel, Nov 04 2018]

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       It is on the edge of research, but it is possible probiotics (such as at a cereal) could reduce premenstrual syndrome.   

       Apparently some bacteria turn phytoestrogens in food into semiactive estrogenic chemicals, thus affecting PMS.   

       It is possible to make a fairly lengthy list of peer- reviewed published plant derived PMS treamtents with things like Vitex agnus-castus on it. The thing is that a list of these could be screened for flavor to make the cereal stay delicious.
beanangel, Nov 04 2018

       Whole grain oats with 9 essential phytoestrogens and Xanax. I mean iron.
whatrock, Nov 05 2018

       Something quite strange has occurred. Since the last time I read a [beanangel] idea, (before our little, hmmm shall I call it a break?), he seems to have become much less "out there" so to speak   

       His ideas seem nicer, more relevant and appear to actually have some sound medical science backing them up.   

       Could it be an imposter? An alien, pretel? Or has he finally started studying on the weekends?   

       Me wonders.
blissmiss, Nov 05 2018

       // An alien, pretel? //   

       Definitely not. None of the other sentient life-forms in the galaxy are quite that weird.
8th of 7, Nov 05 2018

       //pretel// Pretzel without the zed? Who eats a pretzel without a zed?! Just getting into the spirit of the thing... Eat ALL the alpha-phytonutrients!!   

       sp. pray tell
Sgt Teacup, Nov 07 2018


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