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Anti-Zing Toothpaste

only as refreshing as you want it to be.
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If your morning routine involves a lot of travelling before normal people are out of bed, or you're a party animal you may find yourself annoyed at exactly how refreshing most toothpastes are, indeed I find it next to impossible to sleep straight after brushing my teeth. I propose that the refreshing component of toothpastes is separated out so you can have exactly as much zing as you like.
neilp, May 11 2004

Princess Pink Bubble Gum Toothpaste http://www.drugstor..._gum_toothpaste.htm
[half, Oct 05 2004]

Doctor Burt's Children's Toothpaste http://www.drugstor...rens_toothpaste.htm
uses calcium carbonate (natural chalk) and bentonite (natural clay) to gently and effectively clean and polish teeth. Our toothpaste helps develop good oral hygiene habits at an early age with its good-for-you ingredients and mild fruity flavor that children (and adults!) will love. [half, Oct 05 2004]

things in toothpaste that I wouldn't eat http://www.oramd.co...s/hiddendangers.htm
[yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 05 2004]

Vanilla, mint and chamomile http://www.drugstor...sensitive_teeth.htm
for sensitive teeth [half, Oct 05 2004]

tut. after all this time people still don't believe a word I say :) http://www.care2.co.../solutions/self/956
[po, Oct 05 2004]


       baking soda
half, May 11 2004

       still wakes me up..
neilp, May 11 2004

       All right, I'll pull out the big guns then...(link)   

       Princess Pink Bubble Gum, natural chalk and clay...surely one of those should be zingless enough. :-)
half, May 12 2004

       <brushing teeth>I'll check 'em out</brushing teeth>
neilp, May 12 2004

       try salt!
po, May 12 2004

       euugh.. [po] really..
neilp, May 12 2004

       my grandma swore by it. mind you she only had one tooth. (central eating)
po, May 12 2004

       My mum is a bit of a shopping fiend - she keeps buying groceries and toiletries without checking if she actually needs them. Consequently my parents house is a shrine to the out of date. Last time I was there I inadvertently tried some toothpaste from the early nineties. Eugh. No mintiness, no zinginess. Totally grim.
hazel, May 12 2004

       //Perhaps a nice vanilla flavour would be nice?// I don't know... the temptation to consume may be great at times of tiredness.
proto13, May 12 2004

       Tom's (of Maine) has a kid's paste in Strawberry flavor with no zing at all, but also not dull. I didn't feel I got my teeth clean the time I tried it though. Maybe I'm conditioned to the zing.
oxen crossing, May 13 2004

       //is there anything in toothpaste that you can't eat?//   

       [BrauBeaton], word on the street is that fluoride isn't particularly a winner
neilp, May 13 2004

       Bloody Mary flavor toothpaste. Mmm.
kropotkin, May 13 2004

       Well, there's an invention: edible toothpaste. After the sqeaky clean finish, consume the tasty [vanilla] goodness.
proto13, May 13 2004

       //try salt!//   

       chronic blood pressure, but sparkly teeth!
jonthegeologist, May 13 2004

       Excellent Idea. I forsee one of those marketting opportunities where they sell you a dual dispenser - with the cleany bit in one part and the zingy bit in the other part so that you can configure your toothcleaning experience to suit your preference. In fact they could use a three part dispenser so you could mix up a zingy morning brew, but your night-time blend would feature a sleep-promoting relaxant instead.
dobtabulous, May 13 2004

       //is there anything in toothpaste that you can't eat?// Yep. (link)
yabba do yabba dabba, May 13 2004

       How about edible Chamomile toothpaste, [neilp]? Maybe you're on to something.
half, May 13 2004

       Heh, would you believe that Chamomile tootpaste is baked?!
half, May 13 2004

       jon, you don't have to consume the salt. you may spit it out like any other tooth cleaner. beats Vim any day.
po, May 13 2004

       Mix one part baking soda and one part ground chalk in a mortar and pestle and grind until all the lumps of chalk are ground into powder. Mix in a bit of non-sugar sweetener if you don't like the salty taste. Wet your toothbrush and dip in the powder and you're good to go.
Freefall, May 13 2004

       [neilp] you know I can't resist a moment of pedantry, especially when the pedantee (yourself in this case) has a degree in chemistry   

       sp: fluoride
hazel, May 14 2004

       sorry [H].. erm.. bloody foreign keyboards..ahem.
neilp, May 14 2004

       Well put, sir (madam).
yabba do yabba dabba, May 15 2004

       I don't get what is wrong with the Zing. it makes my breath minty fresh and kissable, without it ....not kissable   

       I can't even sleep well without a good minty brushing.
dentworth, May 15 2004

       I agree with dentworth, minty is nice as you go to sleep, but the zing is sometimes terrible. Over the years I have 'collected' many tubes of toothpaste and this idea made me realize that I use Pepsodent in the morning, and Crest at night, because Pepsodent has a kick, and Crest is quite mellow.
Salmon v2, May 16 2004


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