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Squeeze the wrong end of my tube will you?
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A derivative of acetone or another foul tasting substance is sometimes applied to fingernails to prevent nail biting.

Put a small pocket of this product into the frustration end of toothpaste tube and attach this to a valve right near the nozzle.

When then tube is squeezed near the nozzle instead of the righteous end, an amount of this foul goo is surreptitiously mixed with the regular paste and deposited right onto the brush. This would provide an instant oral reminder to the toothpaste criminal that they have ruined the otherwise pristine shape of your tube.

This is a product not advocacy! Do whatever you please with your own tube!

sprogga, Oct 08 2007

A Tiffany, Sterling silver toothpaste tube roller http://pact.net/dshay5128/images/83.JPG
It has a little groove on the other side - you insert the bottom of the tube and roll it up with the handle on the left. [hippo, Oct 09 2007]


       Someone in my house is a twister. A filthy, inefficient twister. I'm a roller myself. But twisters, ooohh, they get on my tits. Would this highly complex toothpaste-valve dispense foul paste when twisted, but not when rolled?
theleopard, Oct 09 2007

       Nice idea in theory, but in practice, squeezing the bottom will cause pressure near the nozzle, compressing the nasty pouch.
marklar, Oct 09 2007

       The Mrs. and I maintain 2 tubes simultaneously. She prefers Crest with Scope, I am fonder of Colgate.
RayfordSteele, Oct 09 2007

       twisters are bad. you have my condolences, [leopold].   

       maybe you can come up with a slightly less invasive method of prevention, [sprogga], then i would freely toss you a bun, rolled from the very tip of the end.
k_sra, Oct 09 2007


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