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Anti-tobacco toothpaste.
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i suppose the reason I haven't seen this idea baked is that the tobacco and toothpaste companies have too many shareholders in common.
rayfo, Jul 03 2001

Smoke-No-More http://www.smoke-no....co.uk/roadshow.htm
Advertises mouthwash not paste [rayfo, Jul 03 2001]

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       He means a toothpaste that makes tobacco taste bad. (See "#3 frightens" in the "MultiTubes" idea.)   

       Is this actually doable, or just a case of "use unspecified technology to accomplish arbitrary magic"?
jutta, Jul 03 2001

       I know of but can't track down that there several common/harmless? [metallic salts?] which make tobacco smoke taste horrible - until we wash our mouth with water ... presumably.   

       Putting a harmless reactive substance [undetectably] in toothpaste [which we have a habit of using], would sustain to a certain extent more than in mouthwash, our willpower to stop smoking.   

       However see original posting.   

       [First time I've done a link. Hence the hash-up.]
rayfo, Jul 05 2001


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