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Antibacterial Floss

Product: Oral Hygiene
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Floss coated with /antibacterial/ wax. As you clean off the plaque from between your teeth it leaves behind a thin /antibacterial/ coating improving breath and gum health. May be used to stitch wounds in an emergency.
DIYMatt, Aug 07 2012

tooth cleaning enzymes http://www.scientif...shing-with-bacteria
[xaviergisz, Aug 07 2012]



       There are too many antibiotics in common use, and they contribute to the development of resistant strains. A general antibacterial, yes, but not an antibiotic.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 07 2012

       What Max said. Absolutely not.
blissmiss, Aug 07 2012

       I'll bite: what's the difference ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 07 2012

       Antibiotics target specific bits of bacterial metabolism, making them quite selective (you can eat antibiotics) but also making it possible for the bacteria to evolve resistance (for example, by changing the target, or making an enzyme to break down the complex antibiotic molecule).   

       Antibacterials are basically disinfectants - things like glorified detergents or harsh chemicals which will kill pretty much anything by brute force. They are therefore very difficult to evolve resistance against.   

       Antibacterials aren't necessarily harmful to humans when used correctly, because we have dead skin cells which can withstand the assault. For instance, mouthwashes contain things like ethanol and phenolics which kill cells in general; but the dead cells lining your mouth bear the brunt.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 07 2012

       I agree with trying to stem the frivolous proliferation of antibiotics etc., but I would really like something that would eliminate the cause of that nasty chyme stench that comes out when I floss. Covering it up with scented wax isn't enough.
Alterother, Aug 08 2012

       Maybe I should retitle this "antibacterial" then. I wasn't aware there was a difference; this floss would contain something like iodine to prevent bacteria from multiplying between the teeth.
DIYMatt, Aug 08 2012

       //that nasty chyme stench that comes out when I floss//   

       Congratulations, [Alterother], on your nomination for the 2012 Halfsies, in the “TMI” category!
ytk, Aug 08 2012


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