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Breakfast toothpaste

Tasty, chewy, fibrous, nutritious toothpaste
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Instead of saving time by being able to brush your teeth before breakfast (see link) let breakfast itself brush your teeth. Let us devise some tasty substance that's tooth-cleaning in the mouth but breaks down, in gastric juices, to wholesome nutrition.
hello_c, Sep 18 2000

Toothsome Toothpaste http://www.halfbake...thsome_20Toothpaste
Tasty toothpaste [hello_c, Sep 18 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Tartar Check Biscuits http://www.petsmart.../product_8015.shtml
Good for your coat too. [blahginger, Sep 18 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       If it's nutritious to us, it's nutritious to bacteria, which makes it generally bad for cleaning teeth...
egnor, Sep 19 2000

       Tooth decay is uncommon in cultures who don't eat the vast quantities of refined sugar that Western cultures, particularly we Americans, have to have in everything we eat. A steady diet of gruel should do the trick. In case you think I'm just kidding, try whole grain hot cereal (sounds better already, huh) with dried fruit and nuts for a more interesting taste and texture. If you sauté brown rice for a few minutes in a little oil before you cook it, giving each little grain its own coat of oil (it doesn't take much), and reduce the amount of water just a little, it won't get so gummy. A large stir fry pan or wok is perfect for this, just wipe it out with a rag when you're done, and you can use it to sauté vegatables for stock too.   

       Brown rice takes about 45 minutes to cook (at my altitude of about a mile), and I like to add pearl barley about fifteen minutes into cooking, for variety of taste and texture. Leftover rice can be fried with vegatables, leftover meat, etc, in your stir fry pan (get a set of hardwood salad forks, it won't scratch the seasoning on the pan - do not wash either cast iron or high carbon steel pots and pans with soap - just water and a rag or Scotch-Brite, and oil when dry - preheat before next use if you're suspicious). Perfect if you live alone - brown rice will keep in the fridge for about three days. Try adding some sunflower seeds or slivered almonds, and try to find Tamari - it's mellower than Soy sauce, and will also extend refrigerator life a little. Half the world eats this way, the poor bastards.   

       Follow my advice, grasshopper, and you won't get fat, or diabetic, although you'll still have to brush your teeth. You can throw away the ex-lax too.
Scott_D, Sep 19 2000

       Some foods break down in saliva into sugars simple enough for common mouth bacteria to eat; some don't. Breakfast toothpaste should be composed of the latter.   

       Horse treat is probably pretty close, 'cept that it has molasses on it.
hello_c, Sep 19 2000


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