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Anticlockwise lemonade

Must always be turned in one direction only
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Of all the items to be forgotten in a restaurant food order, it is the "easy addition" that is most likely to fall between the cracks. If you say "...oh, and a lemonade" at the end of an order, it is less likely to be remembered, leaving you parched at the table.

I've found adding an unnecessary embellishment such as a squeeze of lime or "topped up with a dash of soda" makes the request more unusual, and therefore more likely to be remembered.

So this idea is more of a "let's all", but the concept is simply to ask for the lemonade glass to be turned three times anticlockwise due to a superstition or deeply-held belief.

You're likely some wag will turn your glass three times in a clockwise direction to "fool you" into drinking the opposite of what you ordered.

But you still get the lemonade.

not_only_but_also, Apr 01 2024


       "While glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth."
21 Quest, Apr 02 2024

       Approved, esp if there is a device to make the rotations on which the glass must be placed.
xenzag, Apr 02 2024

       And you'll need to create a fake religion which requires this beverage-rotation ritual so that if there's any objection you can play the "How dare you question my deeply-held beliefs!" card.
hippo, Apr 02 2024

       The Widdershins Lounge, where all your rights are left.
minoradjustments, Apr 02 2024

       Missed opportunity for "shaken, not stirred."
RayfordSteele, Apr 02 2024


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