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bottled soda pop-corn

movies in a bottle
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even though the movies food center is a bit expensive i like to indulge myself with abig bag of popcorn(extra butter please). boy is it ever tasty. anyways I was thinking and then like a ball to the groan it hit me. lets liquify that movie popcorn and package it in delitful microwavable bottle (incase you want it hotter the room temperature). and boom you have a popcorn themed party in your mouth with everyone invited.
stinkycheese, Jan 29 2004

Don't cry, I got boned too http://www.halfbake..._20soaked_20popcorn
Looks like most popcorn fetishists are not open to change. I would like popcorn that doesn't leave all kinds of bits and pieces between my teeth. [kbecker, Oct 17 2004]


gnomethang, Jan 29 2004

       Liquefied popcorn? Eeew. I was going to suggest a bottle full of buttered popcorn Jelly Belly's but that'd be even worse.   

       "A ball to the groan"...heh, that kinda works.
half, Jan 29 2004

       a bill to the grin...
po, Jan 29 2004

       Like a fall and a groan ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 29 2004

       taken intravenously?
po, Jan 29 2004

       leave it [stinks]. This is 'orrible.
jonthegeologist, Jan 29 2004

       poor stinky, I (didn't) know him <looking at skull>   

       better luck next time..   

       welcome btw.
po, Jan 29 2004

       Oh what the hell. A crescent roll for making me laugh.
ConsultingDetective, Feb 21 2004

       [with everyone invited]   

       I'm an open - minded popcorn kind of guy, but...you get a mere + from me, unless you use a helmet.....
normzone, Feb 21 2004

       I like your spelling. At first I was thoroughly repulsed by your indifferent attitude toward the spelling, but somehow, now, I find it endearing. Keep it up. (this idea, however: puke central. throwing a fishbone on this stinky pile.)
oxen crossing, Mar 03 2004


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