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Anxiety inducing calendar heat map

Honey, getting the tires rotated is ultraviolet.
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Colors are attached to tasks that extend into the future on the calendar. The tasks link to today and gradually change color as the deadline approaches. Sort of like a colored gannt chart.
leinypoo13, Apr 24 2013

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       + love the title, too!
xandram, Apr 24 2013

       "Honey, 'Getting the calendar heat map updated' is about to go nuclear."
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2013

       That's proprietary
leinypoo13, Apr 24 2013

piluso, Apr 26 2013

       make it!
bob, Apr 27 2013

       Thank you for your suggestion. While they do have a Google Calendar API...and I would like to make it. I have a feeling I would get 70% done, have it full of bugs and then start something else. Because, currently I am behind on several other things I have started. In fact, this is procrastination for those. And therefore, I must finish.. ..what... .I...start... must resist... plausible..way.. towards...wealth... must..not rationalize...Ok, I'll do it.
leinypoo13, Apr 27 2013


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