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Appearing Origami Instructions

Each instruction appears when the previous fold is completed
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This is origami paper, but it has all the number and arrow instructions already on it. BUT, each instruction is only readable when you are ready to do that instruction.

To start, somewhere on the sheet is the number 1 with an instruction like
"---1-->". Find the number 1 and do that fold.

Doing this fold causes the two pieces of the second instruction to line up properly so you can now read instruction #2. Do fold #2. Doing this causes instruction #3 to be readable so you can now do fold #3. Etc.

Each instruction appears right at a boundary between two layers. This guarantees that it stays unreadable until you are at the point in the model where you are ready for it.

There is no need for dotted lines to clutter the page: you must make each fold exactly so the next instruction is properly aligned.

The "Challenge" version of this would have no descriptive instructions at all. Just broken up pieces of numbers. You would have to experiment and find the sequence of folds that makes all the numerals appear in order. When they do, you're done! See if you can guess what the thing is that you have made.

phundug, Aug 24 2006

origami unlimited http://www.artistsh...rtscraftsideas.html
prize for anyone who does them all [xenzag, Aug 24 2006]


       + I think I can make something with this.
xandram, Aug 24 2006

       I'm not too certain that it would always work as an algorithm due to topological considerations - but like the thinking behind it - so +   

       Would also like to see punishing remarks and insults becoming legible if you went wrong.
xenzag, Aug 24 2006


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