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Pre folded Origami paper
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Let's face it, not all of us have the desire to or ambition to spend the time needed to make those complex origami creations from scratch. Dealing with bad folds, clumsy fingers and complicated instructions can make the much beloved crane look more like a vulture that has been assalted by vandals.

Prefold origami paper also allows quality time with children who have the attention span of a rabbit, by creating origami creations in mere minutes so that the kids can get back to their Playstations.

This type of 'instant craft gratification' could also lead to aline of fully assembled model cars, paint by number easels that only require a bit of touch up and needlepoint that requires only a signature to complete.

RobGraham, Jan 22 2001

Really Basic Origami http://www.technico...g/origami/ball.html
Simple, yet rewarding alternative approach. [jutta, Jan 22 2001]


       Yeah, an intro-kit for first timers.   

       (Yeah, yeah, I know: part of the joy of learning any new discipline is, upon mastery, reveling in the discipline it took to master the subject and in the difficulties one overcame to perfect it. Nevertheless, a little help in origami field wouldn't hurt. On second thought, I'm not even interested in learning origami, I'm just gonna start jacking the finished demos on display next to the paper.)
iuvare, Jan 22 2001

       ...which can be bought in 3 easy installments of $29.95, I'm sure.   

       In other news: thanks for the tip Peter, although the thought of having a Franklin Mint, limited edition crane origami figure sounds silly (i.e. there's a market for them?) :::By the way, Rob's idea was for pre-folded paper, not dotted lines.:::
iuvare, Jan 22 2001

       Never doubted your reading abilities Peter, just your willingness to do so (regarding the idea posted, that is). >>...wink, grin...<< See below among others.   

       " As usual, PeterSealy didn't read the idea he's commenting on..." [jutta's comment on Nov 29, 200] LINK http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/_22monthly_20friend_22   

       " PeterSealy needs to write "I will read the idea before calling 'Baked!'..." [egnor's comment on Dec 28, 2000] LINK http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Simultaneous_20multi-shutterspeed_20video_20camera
iuvare, Jan 22 2001

       Uh, wait a minute. You mean we're actually supposed to READ the ideas before we comment on them?   

       Uh, gotta go now.
rachele, Jan 23 2001

       Touche, you're a good sport Peter (and my handle is "iuvare" with an "i").
iuvare, Jan 23 2001


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