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Appetizer Restaurant

A restaurant/bar which contains nothing on the menu but appetizers!
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Picture it; You are out in the afternoon, not 100 miles from home but you have come to far to travel home for food and the shops there only sell cakes. What does a person have to do a to get a savery snack around here? The answer is simple. They would visit a brand new, appetizer restaurant! Imagine, a menu consisting only food like smoked salmon, prawn crackers, melon or pear wrapped in palma ham, prawn toast etc, the possibilities are endless!!!And what is more, you will still have room for dinner!
Psycho Moody Drama Queen, Jul 10 2006

Tiffin, SoCal style http://www.latimes....l=la-headlines-food
On of many possibilities. Good idea, but so baked it's not true. [angel, Jul 11 2006]

Melton's App and Tap http://www.classicc...ew.com/decatur.html
In Decatur, Georgia? [jutta, Jul 12 2006]


       "save me - save me from that snack now" - sung to a well known tune. (//savery snack//) - pesky pedant.....zzzzz.... makes this sound when happy.
xenzag, Jul 10 2006

       Try a tapas restaurant.
jutta, Jul 10 2006

       Or many bars.
DrCurry, Jul 10 2006

po, Jul 10 2006

       sounds like dim sum to me. also, if you eat as much in appetizers as you would in full meals, you'd not have room for dinner afterward.
tcarson, Jul 10 2006

       Any idea which advocates the proliferation of prawn crackers has my vote. [+]
hidden truths, Jul 10 2006

       I find appitizers annoying: You get practially nothing for nearly the price of a meal.
EdisonsTwin, Jul 10 2006

       Perhaps you could sell beer too. From a tap. Call the plase "App and Tap"   

       Oh, wait, that is the name and business model for the place up the street from me.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 11 2006

       Why yes [jutta] that is the place. It is about a mile from my house.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 12 2006


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