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mini restaurant

a restaurant serving only mini food
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i have discovered the cure for america's obesity epidemic; the mini restaurant. it would serve mini plates of pasta, pizzas, mini steaks, mini vegetables, mini cakes, you get the idea.
LuCkYChArMs, Mar 22 2003

Statistics on US obesity/ overweightitude http://www.niddk.ni.../statobes.htm#other
brought tp you by the National Institute of Diabeties & Digestive & Kidney Diseases. [my face your, Oct 17 2004]

Obesity surges amongst the affluent http://wap.oa.yahoo...luent&rn=topstories
"Obesity, a condition that for decades has been more prevalent in the poor, is skyrocketing among affluent Americans, a new study finds." [bristolz, May 04 2005]

Seasons 52 http://www.seasons52.com/
This restaurant is taking a step in the right direction to curb those supersize portions. From the creator of Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, Olive Garden and Smoky Bones BarBQue. [Originally posted by tschaikovsky; sorry, I just accidentally stepped on it.] [jutta, Mar 21 2006]


       People would just have two meals. Or three.
sambwiches, Mar 22 2003

       The Krystal burger chain is famous for serving mini hamburgers. As sambwiches suggests, most people order multiples.
beauxeault, Mar 22 2003

       Mini croissants or sardines perhaps?   

       America's obesity? Heh. And virtually every other country, too
bristolz, Mar 22 2003

       Yes, other countries seem to be following suit, but America is the leader by far.
RoboBust, Mar 22 2003

       Don't eat your entire serving; take half home to eat later (I assume this idea is for actual restaurants, not fast-food places. Their food can't really be saved very easily).
Bert6322, Mar 23 2003

       Fooled again! I thought you had idea for a drive-thru serving only Mini Coopers.
(um, I mean only serving food to people in Minis, not the other way around)
roby, Mar 23 2003

       [RoboBust], that simply isn't true. Samoa, for example, has a 75% rate of obesity. Amongst Caucasians, the Czech Republic and the region of former East Germany have substantially higher rates than does the USA. In England the percentage of people who are obese has doubled since 1980.
bristolz, Mar 23 2003

       Mini-pong rules! Can't see very well any more though....
silverstormer, Mar 23 2003

       its much more likely due to couch potatoes sending out for huge pizzas, garlic bread, ice-cream and cans of coke.
po, Mar 23 2003

       Of course, there's more than one cause of obesity - not just eating too damn much. Excessive alcohol consumption, psychological dependence, lack of exercise and genetic predisposition can all have major impacts on the waistline.
I don't know if any govt. dept. has ever done a study into the causes of obesity in US/UK (can't find one with google) but in both cases I'd reckon it's caused by greedy buggers sitting down all day, cramming fatty, sugary crap into their cakeholes.
my face your, Mar 23 2003

       I stand corrected, [bristolz].
RoboBust, Mar 23 2003

       There's a marked correlation between the introduction of McD's to China and the increase in obesity and related health problems. It's undeniable that there is a strong link between the popularity of fast food and obesity rates in a given country. The US is among the worst affected because they've been eating fast food (at least the modern kind - burgers and such) since the 50's. The rest of us are quickly catching up.   

       On other factors relating to obesity, I believe the most important in the Czech Rep. and E Germany is, as [my face] suggests, alcohol related.   

       Anyone interested in reading about the effects of fast food should look to Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation: an excellent book and not, as I expected, just an anti-McDonalds propoganda piece. Two thumbs up.
sambwiches, Mar 23 2003

       I'm hungry......
theThinker, Mar 25 2003

       //What percentage of China's population can actually afford to eat at McDonald's? //   

       Barely more than zero.
snarfyguy, Mar 25 2003

       Well, then, McDonalds must certainly account for the changes.
bristolz, Mar 25 2003

       My bad. My previous anno was supposed to be about Japan.   

       'Overweight people were once a rarity in Japan. The nation's traditional diet of rice, fish, vegetables and soy products has been deemed one of the healthiest in the world. And yet the Japanese are rapidly abandoning that diet.   

       Consumption of red meat has been rising in Japan since the American occupation after WWII. The arrival of McDonalds in 1971accelerated the shift in Japanese eating habits. During the 1980s, the sale of fast food in Japan roughly doubled; the rate of obesity among children soon doubled, too. Today about one third of all Japanese men in their thirties - members of the nation's first generation raised on Happy Meals and 'Bi-gu Ma-kus' - are overweight.' (Schlosser, 2001)   

       [Basie's] got it in one. Obesity is a disease of affluence.   

       I'm on a revolutionary diet. I starve myself mercilessly for about 23 hours a day, and then eat what I like for 20 minutes at a time in slots I like to call breakfast, lunch and dinner. Works for me.
sambwiches, Mar 25 2003

       Cafe Tu Tu Tango (www.cafetututango.com) is a restaurant that serves only tapas which is basically the same thing--little appetizer sized dishes. Each person is supposed to order a couple and share amongst everyone at the table. Yummy place!!!
tchaikovsky, Jun 16 2003

       I'm giving you your first and only croissant for this since I had this idea too (as a "obese" [I prefer "circumferencally-enhanced"/"larger-than-life" {my terms} North American) but was slower from/to the post (probably being heavier than you) and (obviously) think it is an excellent idea.   

       To the others who "lamb-basted" LuCkYChArMs (cute name/spelling) allow me to say ...   

       - if you use public transportation and try to stay out the whole day the idea of taking a doggie bag is a non-starter.   

       - people who want to eat less at a fast food place are penalized for it. Ox-sized (I mean "super-sized") EQUALS big discount "per unit" (grams, etc. whatever).
thecat, Jun 16 2003

       Obesity is not a disease of affluence at all. In the US it has always been, until very recently, predominantly a disease of the poor. Recently, though, there has been a dramatic surge in obesity amongst the affluent (link).
bristolz, May 04 2005

       I imagine that the availability of TV, video games, and the internet have more to do with obesity than any other single factor. I think I've gained a couple pounds since I joined the half-bakery 2 weeks ago.   

       These may be the most fattening croissants on earth.
bneal27, May 05 2005

       I have made the conclusion that obesity is created by eating too much wheat and potatoes in diet. Might sound too simplistic but think about it next time you go to the supermarket?   

       In all the countries which wheat and potatoes are most dominant food ingredient also have the biggest percentage of obese people!   

       Just try to be wheat and potato free for a week or a month and you would notice how hard it is to find any fast food?   

       The foods you would find would have less fat and sugar as well. Also you would need to buy food from supermarket to cook at home because of difficulty of finding that healthy restaurant or cafe.   

       Your shopping would include more fruits and vegetables and very little bread as most breads would be wheat. That wheatfree bread would be some gluten free rice bread which you would get bored really soon anyway.   

       As a result you would lose weight, feel better and become healthier. No more bloated feeling after eating.   

       I think I have earned a wheat free croissant for my discovery? I have yet to see a wheat free croissant anywhere !! Maybe it is a good thing ?
Pellepeloton, Sep 23 2006


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